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Tuesday, October 24, 2006
If you've chosen to let your children go trick or treating this Halloween, there are some safety basics that will keep your kids safe and allow them to have a great time out trick or treating. Make sure your children know the basics for being safe before they go out.

Only go to houses you know. If the light isn't on, don't go there. If the porch light is on and you know who lives there, by all means, stop and say, "Trick or Treat!".

Also, stay visible. A glow strip on the back of a Halloween costume won't take anything away from the costume but will allow your child to be visible to cars. Also, have the kids carry flashlights. The more light they make, the more visible your little Halloween monsters and ghouls will be to motorists. Reflective slap bracelets are another way to make sure your child is seen and kids love putting them on.

Costumes should fit well. Make sure the costumes aren't too long or could cause your child to trip. Also, if possible, forego a mask for face paint. It's easy to apply and remove and also won't interfere your child's vision, especially peripheral.

Additionally, wear appropriate shoes for walking at night. Make sure all costumes are flame retardant. Make sure your kids only cross the streets at corners and never dart out in front of oncoming cars. Last but not least, inspect all candy and look for opened wrappers, wash all fruit thoroughly before eating.

Follow these basic tips and your little ones are assured of a spookerific Halloween. 0 Comments


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