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Friday, July 26, 2013

This bicycle has a front and taillight, however they are not visible from the side. The 360 degree reflective vest is great. Some spoke lights and a taillight/headlight with side view would also help! 0 Comments
Excellent study on Bicycle/Motor Vehicle collisions by Wayne Pein, who was formerly a Research Associate at the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center. He has been involved in a number of Federal Highway Administration and state level bicycle and pedestrian research projects.

Lessons Learned:
In Bicycle/Motor Vehicle collisions where the motorist is "at fault":
1. 87% of the collisions occur at intersections, including driveways and parking lots.
2. In 95% of the collisions the bicycle was hit on the side. The bicycle was rear ended by a motor vehicle in only 5% of the collisions*.

Conclusion: Bicycle lights need to be designed more to prevent side collisions instead of head on or rear end collisions, especially at intersections, where being seen at a 30-60 degree angle at a distance of 50-300 ft is far more important than at a distance of 600ft(or more), either directly ahead or directly behind, which is the current design criteria**.

Steve Scott

See the complete analysis at:

*The figures of 87% for intersection collisions and 95% for side collisions are computed by Steve Scott from the study data and are not part of the original study by Wayne Pein.:

**Current Florida law requires bicycle lights to be "visible" from 600ft behind and 500ft ahead. 600ft = two football fields or a little more than .1 mile(528ft).

Spoke Lights are easy to snap on to your spokes and are so important for side visibility! (Deena Leiman) 0 Comments
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