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Monday, February 28, 2011

People Get Hit Multiple Times 0 Comments
Wednesday, February 23, 2011
CBS in Mahwah NJ reported that in NJ this Jan. 1800 tickets were issued to drivers who did not clean the snow off their car. This winter there is a new law in NJ that requires drivers to clean the snow off their cars. In bad weather pedestrians have to be extra careful to be visible with reflective gear. An extremely dangerous situation is created when snow is suddenly blown on to a drivers windshield.

It is also important to keep a light and/or a reflective belt / vest in your glove compartment or your trip emergency kit incase you must get out of your car in middle of traffic or poor visibility. 0 Comments
Wednesday, February 16, 2011
With warmer weather this week in NJ my children went to take our long forgotten bikes out of the shed. I just want to remind everyone to remember to wear their helmets and make sure that they are visible. Please also teach your young children when riding on the side walk to watch out for cars pulling out of their driveways. This past fall, my five year old daughter was driving her bicycle on the SIDEWALK right near my home. She was suddenly  hit by a neighbor of ours who was backing  his SUV out of his driveway just a few houses down from ours. He sent her and her bike flying in to  the street. Her bike was bent. Her helmet can be seen below.  It was a miracle that she escaped with only a very small fracture in one foot and some minor bruises and scrapes over her body. When we saw her helmet, we were totally amazed. The green plastic cover had come off the Styrofoam core. The helmet had a gaping hole in the top, possibly caused by a rock on the ground or the vehicle's tail pipe. It also had a long crack all the way through (see photo). Had I not been insistent that she wear her helmet (yes, like most children, she did not want to wear it), the damage to her helmet would have been to her skull instead!  The helmet had saved her from serious head injury and possibly worse.We realized that we had just experienced a true miracle. We showed the helmet to our pediatrician and orthopedist and they both agreed that she was a VERY lucky girl. Of course, now none of our children argue with us  when we enforce our "No helmet- no bike riding" rule. And of course, we adults should wear our helmets too!

Here are the pictures of her helmet.

Click photos to enlarge
As we found the top piece separated on the ground.

See how the crack went all the way through. 0 Comments
Monday, February 14, 2011
The first report came this past Wendesday from A Tri-State Transportation Campaign about pedestrian fatality in NJ in 2010.

Unfortunately 140 pedestrians and 13 cyclist where killed in 2010 (17 less pedestrians and only 1 less cyclist than in 2009).

Route 130 in Burlington County was ranked as NJ's most dangerous rd. Route 9 was also also a fatality hot spot in several counties.

The group hopes that this new analysis will encourage state and local leaders to press for increased funding for pedestrian and bicycling projects.

(County fact sheets showing the most dangerous routes for walking are also available.  The fact sheets also include an interactive Google Map showing the locations of each pedestrian fatality, with descriptive details for each victim killed on the county‚Äôs most dangerous route or routes.
The full report, as well as county fact sheets and Google Maps can be found at )

Sadly this past Saturday night in our town Lakewood, NJ, two teenagers were struck by a car when walking in the area of New Hampshire Avenue and Locust Avenue. The 2 were rushed to the hospital. One of the Juvenile's injuries were listed as serious. Many busy roads are very dark in our town as in other relatively small but busy towns. It takes about 3 seconds to put on a reflective belt or vest.  Please everyone prevent tragedy and wear a reflector. 0 Comments
Sunday, February 13, 2011
Bicycle lights are so important when riding on the road at night. Some people may not realize that bike lights may even be required in their state. This week we are giving away a free bike light for every bike light your order.

 Here is how to receive your free bikelights.

- Choose a bike light * that you would like to order and instead of placing one in the shopping cart place two of the same light in your cart.

-Add the coupon code FREELIGHTS and press Apply.

*You can get up to 4 free bike lights.

* The only bicycle lights that are excluded form this offer are the Bike Tracker head,  tail and combo lights.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011
This morning when I was driving there was so much fog that I could hardly see a pedestrian that crossed the street in front of my car. This got me thinking. For someone who really doesn't go out at night or in bad weather they may think they don't need to own a reflector. With the snow on the ground today and the terrible fog there were a lot of people walking in the street barely visible without reflectors. It wasn't that cold either so even for someone who has some reflective tape on their jacket they may have just been wearing a sweater today.

I thought of some ideas to help keep visible always:

-It takes just a second to put on a reflective belt and they are comfortable and very visible. With our bulk discounts you can by 10 reflective belts for only $50. Put a few in your coat closet, one in your pocket book / backpack / briefcase, one in the glove compartment, one in you desk drawer at work and give one to your best friend.

-Sew or stick some reflective stickers on to your Jackets, coats, strollers, hand bag etc.

Please share with us anymore ideas you can think of. 0 Comments
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