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Wednesday, February 02, 2011
This morning when I was driving there was so much fog that I could hardly see a pedestrian that crossed the street in front of my car. This got me thinking. For someone who really doesn't go out at night or in bad weather they may think they don't need to own a reflector. With the snow on the ground today and the terrible fog there were a lot of people walking in the street barely visible without reflectors. It wasn't that cold either so even for someone who has some reflective tape on their jacket they may have just been wearing a sweater today.

I thought of some ideas to help keep visible always:

-It takes just a second to put on a reflective belt and they are comfortable and very visible. With our bulk discounts you can by 10 reflective belts for only $50. Put a few in your coat closet, one in your pocket book / backpack / briefcase, one in the glove compartment, one in you desk drawer at work and give one to your best friend.

-Sew or stick some reflective stickers on to your Jackets, coats, strollers, hand bag etc.

Please share with us anymore ideas you can think of. 0 Comments


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