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Friday, July 15, 2016
To whom this may concern,
I am asked this question often by customers, especially those who buy in bulk to distribute at an event, and are seeking to maximize every dollar.
“Why buy Made in USA   Reflexite/Orafol®  or 3M®  reflective belts? We can get similar looking belts for far cheaper from China or Korea.”  
I ask in return, “Are you interested in a promo giveaway or in a safety item? If you want a promo, then take the Chinese material. It’s cheaper – in price and in quality. You’ll get your logo out to more people, for sure. But if you care to keep people safe, and especially if your organization is one that represents safety, such as a PD, FD, or EMS, then PLEASE make the prudent choice, and opt for the brand-name, made in USA belts.  Simply put, dare to compare. We’ve done, and continue to do, our own extensive field testing, as have many other recognized third parties (ANSI is one such organization). The Reflexite USA belts are by far the brightest, with 3M coming in as a close runner-up. They can often be seen from blocks away, and those are the ubiquitous Bright Ideas™ belts you see so often and from such a distance  around Lakewood. That extra few hundred feet of vision can make all the difference between a motorist avoiding or colliding with a pedestrian or bicyclist.  The motorist has those few precious seconds to steer away or brake. Considering that so many pedestrians and bicyclists in our town are dark-clothed, and many roads are poorly lit, do not contain sidewalks, and are not straight, it is all that more crucial to grant our citizens the greatest chance. Obviously, you care about their safety. That’s why chose to hand out reflective belts in the first place. If so, please give them the best shot at it.
Another several pointers: The USA made material is more durable, meaning it will last longer. That’s more for your money. In addition, it is engineered to reflect even when wet, such as in the rain or snow. Those are times when visibility is reduced and braking time is prolonged! And lastly, when a pedestrian or bicyclist dons a reflective belt, they assume they are now visible. It is a disservice at the least, and dangerous at the most, if the belt you give them does not own up.”
Some quick specs to compare:
Orafol USA 340 series retro-reflective material: Luminance of 580 candelas/lux/sq meter. Exceeds the minimum reflectivity requirements of ANSI/ISEA 1072010 for Level 2. Withstands up to a minimum of 75 washes.
Typical Chinese material : Luminance of 300 candelas/lux/sq meter. Does not meet the minimum reflectivity requirements of ANSI/ISEA 1072010 for Level 2. Withstands up to 25 washes.
Thank You,
Y Leiman, 0 Comments
Monday, January 05, 2015 0 Comments
Friday, December 12, 2014
Check out the night safety awareness lawn signs we put around our town. What do you think? 0 Comments
Wednesday, July 30, 2014

 New Reflective Backpack by Bright Ideas
   Community Group Looks Out For Kids’ Safety with a Be Seen, Be Safe Backpack Giveaway

Excelsior Action Group (EAG) is an economic and community development organization in San Francisco's diverse Excelsior District, where more than half of the residents are foreign-born and there are more families with young children than in any other part of the city. Pedestrian collisions were at a record high in San Francisco in 2013 and EAG has responded by ramping up efforts to make the Excelsior safer for walking, such as with the Be Seen, Be Safe Backpack Giveaway.

This event was a partnership between a local youth organization, city agencies, and EAG, and provided 150 reflective backpacks to local students. These backpacks were purchased from through a grant from State Farm and feature reflectors on the back, sides, and straps, allowing wearers to be seen from 360 degrees. Reflectors can quadruple the distance at which pedestrians can be spotted by car drivers. Because backpacks are worn almost daily, there is no need to put on any special gear or remind children to use it, making this a smart safety item. In addition, backpacks are items that many working-class parents in the Excelsior neighborhood have trouble affording; therefore, this project was able to address both educational and safety needs at once.

For health and environmental reasons, children are being encouraged to walk and bike to and from school or afterschool programs. However, many commute in the dark during the winter months, or travel during rainy or foggy weather, when visibility is poor. This is the time that pedestrian collisions increase significantly—up to seven times—making it imperative that efforts are made to improve drivers’ ability to see them. This is especially true for the many children that walk home by themselves, facing high-risk intersections and heavy traffic.
The event was part of Excelsior Action Group’s “Be Seen, Be Safe” program which provides free reflectors and bike lights at events throughout the year, and raises awareness of the importance of wearing reflective material for improved visibility. For more information or to make a donation to this important program, please visit 0 Comments
Tuesday, December 10, 2013
USB Rechargeable 300 Degree Taillight
When buying a rear taillight an important feature to look for is that the light can be adjusted vertically. Many taillights beams are directed downwards, making them much less visible to drivers.
See how the beam of the taillight in the picture above is pointed downward towards the tire. (Picture credit: S. Scott from Florida) 0 Comments
Monday, October 28, 2013
Even though it has a headlight, a taillight and a red, rear reflector the rear reflector is blocked by the rear cargo bag. This is one reason why I think a taillight should incorporate a red reflector. (credits to S. Scott from Florida) 0 Comments
Tuesday, October 01, 2013
You may have noticed that the nights have been getting longer. Depending on where you live you may be doing your morning commute to school or work in the dark at this time. Especially now in Oct. before the clock is set back, morning visibility is extremely important. A customer and friend of mine from Indiana is school bus driver. He many times has to pick up children when it is still dark. He gives out reflective slap bracelets and reflectors to stick on to mail boxes so that he can see the students and their stop.

Here is a graph that he made (for his area). 0 Comments
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