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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Reflective Slimbands
Sometimes things happen in life that are unavoidable. It seems like more and more bikers have been hit, whether they were on the street or out in the country. These accidents are more likely to occur if the rider doesn't have any reflective gear on. The drivers can't see the bikers, and the chances of an accident are greatly increased.

One of the best things a biker can have on their bodies are reflective backpacks. These backpacks can be purchased online at many different outlets. The backpacks are very affordable and go a long way in preventing an accident from occurring. The reflective material is lined over the backpack, which can be seen in the dark at long distances. Reflective backpacks are also very practical because they can hold all of the biker's gear. They can put their water, their books, food, emergency kits, and much more. The bikers can even buy reflective tape to put on their backpacks.

Another gear for bikers that is a must are reflective vests. These vests can also be purchased online and are very affordable. The reflective vests allow drivers to see the bikers at night, and the vests do not weigh the bikers down. This allows for a more enjoyable ride for those who do not want to have a backpack while they are traveling.

Other items that are great fro protective a biker are reflective belts, reflective leg bands, reflective armbands, and much more. Reflective belts great for those riders who don't like to be weighed down by heavy objects, which can degrade the overall experience of the ride. Reflective leg bands are also great for showing up in the dark. Reflective armbands are great for those who don't want anything around their waists.

Again, all of these reflective gear items can be found online at affordable rates. Nothing is worse than needing something and not having them than having them and not needing them. So many accidents occur every year because bikers are not properly equipped to travel in the dark. Drivers may be traveling on the road and may not have the best vision at night. That is why it is imperative that bikers use some sort reflective gear. Even if they think they look goofy, the bikers should wear them because it could potentially save their life. All of this could have been circumvented if they were wearing the proper biker gear. 0 Comments
Thursday, April 26, 2012

LED Magnetic Car Emergency Lights
Anyone that has ever been broken down on the freeway, or even stalled at a green light feels the fear of an accident. In some cases it’s a risk to even open the vehicle and get out. This is a rough spot, for a stranded motorist not sure that other drivers see or care about the oncoming predicament. In this case what is needed is a way to figuratively increase the size of the stranded car, and increase the level of caution being used by oncoming traffic. Slowing down and increasing the care and attention being paid to the situation, is the safest thing to do immediately after traffic blocking situation.

Car emergency lights are a driver’s best friend in this situation because it helps to increase the presence of the road obstruction. Emergency lights for vehicles actually make a disabled car more of a concern to oncoming traffic. This increases their need to use caution. Without them, even if a driver sees a disabled car slightly off the road he may be just veer away without reducing speed, a much more dangerous scenario. Car emergency lights usually refer to emergency flashers that all go on with one control. They are bright enough that they usually cut through fog and stormy weather.

Emergency lights for vehicles also refer to flashing lights you see for police and fire. These are high powered and serve the purpose not just of getting people’s attention but also to clear the road. Amber Construction and security lights also make other vehicles in seeing distance take notice and prepare to take action. Often these are what motorists see first when driving up on road construction, pipe repair, power lines, etc. they come with specific colors designated for specific purposes within a few general categories.

Car emergency lights can also refer to the hand held red caution lights that are used for directing traffic. They can also be the roadside flares that are commonly seen at an accident scene. Many drivers are aware enough to bring these along with them in their emergency kits. Sometimes it’s an officer that just arrives at the scene and is trying to establish a bypass for traffic. Reflectors or reflecting tape on traffic cones, though not as visible as a powered light are certainly better than nothing. When equipping a car they can be a lifesaving standby.

If you decide to put lights in your emergency kit make sure that the batteries work. Look into options that plug into your car’s lighter. Remember, if your car doesn’t start, the more items you run off of your car’s battery the sooner your battery will lose its charge.

Confidence in a tense situation is what you need to make a calm decision. Emergency lights for vehicles give people at least the security that they are doing all they can to be visible in a dangerous situation. Another benefit about turning on emergency lights is that in many states it’s illegal not to use caution when emergency lights are flashing. 0 Comments
Sunday, April 22, 2012
Brite-Strike LED Traffic Safety Gloves

Brite-Strike is a huge player in tactical equipment. They make tactical flashlights that are used by today's police force while also making gloves that assist in directing traffic. The products they make are of very high quality so you know you can depend on them when you need them most. Two products in particular are all the craze right now. Those two are the Brite-Strike flashlight and gloves.

The Brite-Strike flashlight is an especially good flashlight. It produces 90 lumens on low then on the high setting it puts out a blinding 198 lumens. With three pushes of the button you can make the high setting strobe as well, which is sure to disorient any assailants that might wish you any harm. Its battery is rated to last more than 100,000 hours with the cutting edge Luxeon LED battery. So you can be sure that it won't go dead when you need it most. You can also say goodbye to the infamous blue ring that most LED flashlights emit, it's all bright white light thanks to the aluminum reflector inside of the Brite-Strike flashlight. The tri-sided barrels are designed for the best grip in your hand when also holding a weapon and is better suited for the task than other flashlights. That coupled with its front and rear crowns which are designed specifically to strike any unruly persons make it the best tactical flashlight. It's also compact enough for any situation, measuring in at 5" long and 3/4" in diameter means it's versatile enough for a police officer but powerful enough for a SWAT team.

The Brite-Strike gloves are a real treat for officers who need to work traffic on those dark nights. Normal illuminating gloves use a passive illumination that requires outside light to hit them and they reflect this back. This is dangerous for everyone involved because by the time a driver can see the reflection, if they are going too fast, they might get someone hurt. Instead the Brite-Strike gloves use active illumination with micro-thin LED strips that can be be set to always on, fast strobe, and slow strobe. You can also choose to operate the glove with one or two LED's on for extra brightness. They are fingerless gloves as well so you can pull them right over your other gloves and they will fit just fine.

Brite-Strike has really outdone themselves on these two products. They both have the potential to save lives and are always dependable.The tactical flashlight is especially impressive with it's huge battery life and optional strobe setting to blind suspects. You can tell that they take a lot of care and pride when making their products. This is especially shown with their gloves that have LED lights for active illumination. It's dangerous to direct traffic and these gloves make it at least a little bit safer for anyone who has to do it. So all in all, Brite-Strike is a name you can trust when it comes to tactical gear. 0 Comments
Friday, April 20, 2012

Reflective Vests
Visibility is a key factor in remaining safe for different types of outdoor jobs. Being struck by motorists is fairly common in certain professions including:

• Crossing guards
• Construction workers working on roads
• Police officers
• Landscapers

Cyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians (including joggers) also face these dangers, especially when on the roads at night. It could be argued that anyone spending extended periods in the vicinity of a roadway is in danger of being struck. A particular concern is work done around loud equipment, where an operator may not immediately see those immediately in their vicinity. While visibility may not be a factor in all such accidents, it is in some.

A worker or cyclist will need to take precautions, including the wearing of safety clothing like reflective belts and vests that enables them to be visible at dark, or even so that they stand out from their surroundings.

One factor to consider when purchasing any kind of safety gear, including reflective clothing, is effectiveness. This clothing is only useful if it works. The question that should be asked is will a particular type of clothing make the wearer more visible to motorists? One way in which reflective is rated is using the American Standards Institute/International Safety Equipment Association (ANSI/ISEA) standard. Specifically ANSI/ISEA 107-1999. The standard exists to allow those seeking reflective apparel to select the most effective product and to remain safe. It is seen as a means of determining quality.

Types of Reflective Clothing for Workers

The most common form of reflective gear worn is the reflective safety vest. They are easy to put on, highly visible and can be worn over any type of clothing. They come in a number of styles and types and can be either ANSI 2 or 3. One of the key features of the reflective vests, in particular, is that they are customizable, meaning that a logo or company name can be printed on them. The higher the number, the more reflective material there is in the item. The more reflective the product, the better for use it is in areas where bad weather is common or where light may be limited. The color traditionally used for reflective clothing to be worn during certain hours is yellow-green. Wearing a yellow-green reflective vest makes an individual particularly visible during daylight hours. Orange is traditional in some situations. Both colors are supposed to have the benefit of allowing the wearer to stand out from low visibility situations

Running Reflective Gear

Runners should always try to avoid areas that are not well-lit, but sometimes low-light situations are unavoidable. Like roadside workers, runners face a high risk of being struck by vehicles. They may face this risk whether or not they are wearing running reflective gear, but even so, being more visible is always a good idea. There are reflective vests and other types of gear designed specifically for use by runners. Reflective armbands are useful for runners who do not want to cover themselves with an additional layer of clothing. Reflective armbands have an additional benefit due to their position. Studies have shown that drivers see reflective objects more quickly if they are placed on the knees, elbows, shoulders or waist (such as reflective belts). 0 Comments
Friday, April 13, 2012
Reflective LED Armband/Legband
Every year, over 100,000 runners, walkers and cyclists are hit by vehicles. With all the distracted, fatigued and drunk drivers on the road, it is important to be safe. Everyone who hits the pavement with their feet or their bikes, must take a defensive position and protect themselves. It is important to stick out and be noticed. Glowing like a light bulb is good while appearing like a shadow is not. Using the proper running reflective gear is the best way to be defensive and get noticed when out for a jog or a ride.

Most experienced runners and bikers understand the importance of reflective running gear. They understand the importance of sticking out. Most reflective items are lightweight, comfortable, and not very expensive. There is no excuse not to wear at least one piece of reflective gear when heading out on the pavement for an exhilarating outdoors workout.

Using Running Reflective Gear to Light Up Like a Christmas Tree

Here are a few of the most common reflective items available for runners and bikers. These items are great for anyone who goes out for their daily workout in the late afternoon or evening.

Reflective vests: These vests are lightweight and worn over a shirt. They feature reflective patches on different parts of the vest and come in a variety of bright and bold colors. Some vests even include built-in L.E.D. lights for added visibility. Reflective vests usually have pockets for cell phones, keys, mace, and anything else runners want to bring along on their workouts.

Reflective belts: These belts are often made of Lycra and will stretch to fit all body types. Some reflective belts come with waist packs for storing keys, a cell phone, or other small items.

Reflective armbands or ankle bands: Bands on the arms or ankles provide additional color and reflective material for more visibility. Reflective armbands or ankle bands with L.E.D. lights are also available.

Reflective tape and stickers: Tape and stickers come in a variety of sizes and colors. For business owners, it is possible to do a little advertising by ordering some specially designed stickers to promote a company while running or biking. Tape and stickers can be placed anywhere and everywhere.

Every jogger or biker should make sure to carry identification, bring a cell phone for emergencies and wear reflective gear to make them more visible when lighting is low or nonexistent. Run or bike safely by wearing running reflective gear anytime visibility is compromised or limited. Looking like a Christmas tree or a fireworks display may seem funny to some people, but it can be a matter of life or death to dedicated runners and bikers. Sticking out and being noticed, whether on a gloomy day or in the middle of the night, will help runners and bikers enjoy their workout and stay safe. 0 Comments
Wednesday, April 11, 2012
3 Watt LED Bicycle Headlight

When the sun begins to set, a deep, colorful sunset spreads across the sky, alerting the world that night is approaching. While this time of the day is beautiful for photographers, animals, and sightseers, it is one of the most dangerous periods of the day for bicycle riders. In generals, cars, trucks, and buses pose a large threat to bicycle riders, because oftentimes they simply don't see them until it's too late.

In order to promote visibility throughout the entire day, certain safety precautions such as wearing fluorescent clothing, using reflectors, and investing in LED bike tail lights are essential. Although any form of these safety elements is beneficial, not all LED bicycle lights are created equal. While cheaper $10 versions of LED bike trail lights can greatly add to one's safety, other models offer additional safety features at a higher price. LED bicycle lights come in a variety of shapes that promote visibility from various angles. While headlights are oblong to ensure visibility for oncoming traffic, tail lights are often completely open in order to make riders more visible to traffic behind them.

Additionally, LED bike tail lights differ in their mounting systems and cord options. While some lights are corded and come with chargers, others are cordless for convenience and appearance. Not to mention, different lumen amounts correlate with the available light run time. For example, 750 lumens provides 90 minutes of highly visible light, 500 lumens provides 2.5 hours of medium visibility, 200 lumens provides 5 hours of low energy, and 100 lumens produces 10 hours of low visibility. The time of morning or night that bicyclers will be riding is essential to the amount of light that will be required to ensure adequate visibility for other traffic.

Various types of lights also differ in their preferential and/or required placement. While most are placed on top of handlebars or underneath the seat, others can be placed on pedals, wheels, clothing, and even on helmets. Depending on the placement of the light, differing devices may offer one or multiple sources of light. The shape of the light source determines approximately what surface will be illuminated and how far the illumination will extend.

Before purchasing LED bicycle lights, it is essential for customers to determine what type of illumination they would prefer, the placement expectations, and how much they prefer to spend on their chosen device. Reading online reviews can help determine benefits and downfalls of certain brands, shapes, and strength and can help customers get the best product to fit their budget. Preparational research can greatly aide in your search and give you an advantage in finding your the perfect LED bike tail lights. 0 Comments
Sunday, April 08, 2012
Reflective Dog Collars

Your pet is your family and losing them is one of the hardest things to go through; fortunately there are many things you can do to avoid loss by using a few gadgets or outerwear including reflective collars, reflective dog leashes and other reflective pet gear. Hundreds of thousands of pets go missing every year and few are found, don't let one of them be yours.

Reflective Dog Collars are widely available and one of the simplest ways to secure your pet in your sight especially at nighttime. Personalized reflective dog collars are available and can include the dogs name and your contact telephone number in case they are found. Reflective dog collars are available in a variety of colors so you can find one that best suits your dog if you like to dress them up or co-ordinate with your outfits. Look for a collar with sturdy construction and stitching to ensure it doesn't come off in general play. It is not recommended that you use these collars for tying up.

A Reflective Dog Leash can increase the safety of you and your pet especially on walks at dusk or nighttime, the more visibility the better especially when crossing roads, walking through dark areas or even side streets. Combining the reflective dog leash with the collar will boost your defense in multiple surroundings. If your dog gets loose it will be easier to see or catch him/her the more visible they are.

Reflective Pet Gear is another option to keep your pet safe. There are reflective vests and harnesses available that will make your pet highly visible in city and country landscapes. Vests and harnesses are available in various reflective colors such as orange or yellow. Some vests are available in fleece for colder areas and have reflective stripes for high visibility.

With so many options on the market you can't afford not to keep your pet safe, after all they are family. Safety should be paramount in your life at home or at work and include everyone, especially your beloved pet. If dogs are lost without contact information or any of the safety measures listed above, it will be difficult to track them down again.

In fall and winter months reflective gear is even more important. Once daylight savings is in effect those nighttime walks can be increasingly dangerous, by having the necessary protective equipment you can help you and your pet continue your joyous walks through the colder months. Those fleece vests sound like an even better investment around this time too.

Take care of your pet and your pet will take care of your for many years to come. 0 Comments
Friday, April 06, 2012
Reflective Safety Gear
Bicycle safety is very important. It can mean the difference between life or death. There are some basic rules of the road for bicyclists. If you follow them closely, you will be much safer when you are riding in traffic. Many accidents between cars and bicycles could be prevented if both the driver of the car and the bicyclist were following the rules of the road. Here are some basic safety tips.

Always inspect your bike before each trip. Be sure it is in safe running order. Check the tires and brakes and be sure the seat is securely attached.Take your time, if you are riding in traffic you should obey all rules of the road. Always stop at stop signs and traffic lights.

Remember to always wear the proper safety gear. Wear a quality helmet to protect your head. Most serious injuries involving a bike vs. car are head injuries. Many of these injuries could be avoided if the bike rider was wearing a quality helmet that fits them properly and is secured correctly on their head. Be sure to ride on the right side of the road and always signal when making a turn. Some riders choose to wear knee pads and elbow pads.

Always assume that the driver of the vehicles that you are sharing the road with don't see you. Be aware of the vehicles around you positions, and actions. If you are riding with a partner do not follow their actions, assuming that they are paying attention. Make sure you are aware of the road on your own. Wear reflective clothing as well. This will make you more visible to car traffic.

There is a variety of reflective apparel available for bicyclists. The more reflective clothing that you wear the safer you will be. It is suggested that you wear reflective armbands, reflective leg bands, reflective belts, reflective vests and reflective backpacks. The reasons for wearing this equipment are quite simple. Most reflective armbands are relatively inexpensive and they will alert any drivers of your presence. When you signal before turning, reflective arm bands and reflective leg bands will draw attention to your location as you are turning. Bicyclist who ride regularly often purchase reflective vests and reflective belts also. It is proven that the more reflective clothing you wear when riding, especially at night, the safer you will be. If you are traveling long distances and need to carry extra items, it is suggested that you wear reflective backpacks on your ride. 0 Comments
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