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Sunday, April 22, 2012
Brite-Strike LED Traffic Safety Gloves

Brite-Strike is a huge player in tactical equipment. They make tactical flashlights that are used by today's police force while also making gloves that assist in directing traffic. The products they make are of very high quality so you know you can depend on them when you need them most. Two products in particular are all the craze right now. Those two are the Brite-Strike flashlight and gloves.

The Brite-Strike flashlight is an especially good flashlight. It produces 90 lumens on low then on the high setting it puts out a blinding 198 lumens. With three pushes of the button you can make the high setting strobe as well, which is sure to disorient any assailants that might wish you any harm. Its battery is rated to last more than 100,000 hours with the cutting edge Luxeon LED battery. So you can be sure that it won't go dead when you need it most. You can also say goodbye to the infamous blue ring that most LED flashlights emit, it's all bright white light thanks to the aluminum reflector inside of the Brite-Strike flashlight. The tri-sided barrels are designed for the best grip in your hand when also holding a weapon and is better suited for the task than other flashlights. That coupled with its front and rear crowns which are designed specifically to strike any unruly persons make it the best tactical flashlight. It's also compact enough for any situation, measuring in at 5" long and 3/4" in diameter means it's versatile enough for a police officer but powerful enough for a SWAT team.

The Brite-Strike gloves are a real treat for officers who need to work traffic on those dark nights. Normal illuminating gloves use a passive illumination that requires outside light to hit them and they reflect this back. This is dangerous for everyone involved because by the time a driver can see the reflection, if they are going too fast, they might get someone hurt. Instead the Brite-Strike gloves use active illumination with micro-thin LED strips that can be be set to always on, fast strobe, and slow strobe. You can also choose to operate the glove with one or two LED's on for extra brightness. They are fingerless gloves as well so you can pull them right over your other gloves and they will fit just fine.

Brite-Strike has really outdone themselves on these two products. They both have the potential to save lives and are always dependable.The tactical flashlight is especially impressive with it's huge battery life and optional strobe setting to blind suspects. You can tell that they take a lot of care and pride when making their products. This is especially shown with their gloves that have LED lights for active illumination. It's dangerous to direct traffic and these gloves make it at least a little bit safer for anyone who has to do it. So all in all, Brite-Strike is a name you can trust when it comes to tactical gear. 0 Comments


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