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Monday, February 27, 2012
Driving North on Forest Ave at Carey St. in Lakewood NJ, I noticed a large sign with a safety alert,

(see video)


It called for all those out at night to wear a safety reflector. I was curious to what prompted the Lakewood Township to place this sign. Well, I met someone who works for the Township and he told me that in the past year, there were no less than 101 automobile/pedestrian accidents in Lakewood, 5 of them fatal! Unfortunately, many of these involved children and teens, and tragically, a  few died from their injuries. Lakewood is only 25 square miles, though parts of it are densely populated. The township members do their best to keep their citizens safe, always trying to add sidewalks, traffic lights and the like. Currently, one problem they are facing is burnt out street lights. The local electric company, JCP&L, is responsible to replace/repair faulty street lights, but they have been shirking their responsibilities. The township has taken drastic measures to correct this, including refusal to pay their electric bills and filing a lawsuit.

  The least we can do to stay safe is to snap on that reflective belt!!

I was informed that the mayor of Lakewood, Mr. Menashe Miller is offering free reflector belts such as these at his office! These belts are courtesy of Ocean County, of which Lakewood Township is in. 0 Comments


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