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Monday, May 28, 2012

Your safety should by your primary concern when you are out bike riding. There are a number of different safety features that you can use when biking to help keep you safe. When you are riding at night, however, in addition to light colored reflective clothing and reflectors on your spokes, you should also ensure that you use tail lights so that others can see you on the road. In many cases, your bike tail lights are the only thing ensuring that drivers in motor vehicles see you on the road.

There a a number of different tail lights that you can use for your bicycle. Most bicycle tail lights are compatible with any kind of bicycle, although there are some bike tail lights that are specifically made for certain bike brands. When choosing your lights for bikes, you need to ensure that you choose lights that will fit your bike.

Another thing that you need to be aware of is that many states have laws concerning the riding of bicycles in both day and nighttime conditions. Many do require you to have bicycle tail lights whether it is day or night, if you plan on driving on a public road. Other states have requirements for night riding that may include both tail lights and front lights for bikes. Staying abreast of your local laws is just as important as your safety equipment.

An inexpensive and popular option for types of lights for bikes are LED tail lights and front lights. LED lights are available in white or yellow for the front of your bike and red for the back of your bike. LED tail lights can provide up to 50000 hours of operation before the batteries are exhausted. What's more, the bulbs are less prone to burn out, and like traditional light bulbs, you can buy LED's with different levels of power and light generation.

If you choose LED bike tail lights, you need to ensure that you buy high quality back lights. LED's can generate a lot of heat if not properly encased or put together, especially if you purchase a more power LED light. Using reviews is an excellent way to determine how well specific brands work.

LED bicycle tail lights aren't your only option for back lights. You can choose from solar powered lights, battery lights, halogen lights, HID lights, filament lamps, xenon strobes and more. With each option you will choose either a flashing tail light or a solid tail light to indicate your presence.

There are a number of retailers that sell LED tail lights and other back lights for many different bikes. Some only sell bicycle equipment while others are general stores with many different merchandise options. This is your safety that you are talking about so take your time and find the best options for your needs and your budget. You will be glad that you did.         0 Comments
Sunday, May 27, 2012

To some people, their dog is like another baby of the family, and if anything happened to it the whole family would suffer from the loss of the dog.    Dogs are like young children, they like to explore and get into mischief.  If they are not on a leash or being watched at all times, they could easily get out of the house and out of the yard, and end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and get hit by a vehicle that either can't slow down fast enough because the vehicle is too big and carrying a heavy load, or the driver is not paying attention to what is in front of them until it is too late. 

There are a few things that might help if your dog gets out of the yard on a regular basis, and likes to wander.  You can go to your local pet store or look online, and see about dog reflectors, reflective collars, or a dog reflective vest.  This way if it is dark outside, you will be able to see the reflection of the dog reflectors, reflective collars, or dog reflective vest, even if you can't see the dog its self because it is a dark color like black or brown.

Often times, some dog owners will get these devices for their dog because the dog is deaf, blind, or maybe both and can't hear or see things until it is too late.  Some people may consider this to be abuse or neglect to let their deaf and or blind dog wander the streets without their owner with them to protect them and prevent a possible accident from happening.  Others applaud dog owners for doing this in hopes of keeping their dog safe as well as trying to make the public aware that the dog is there and may not see or hear a person coming up to it or a fast moving vehicle approaching it. 

Another great place that someone might consider the use of dog reflectors; is if someone takes their dog on a trip and the dog wanders off and gets hurt.  This way even if the dog tries to hide under something, you will still be able to see the reflective material on your dog.  This is something that is common with people who take their dog on hunting trips for example.  If the dog were to accidentally end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and get shot, it might try to wonder off.  If this should happen, you would be able to spot the reflective gear even if you had to bring in a helicopter or airplane to help in the search efforts. 

Protecting your dog, and doing what you can to keep it safe, is the responsible thing to do.  Most dog owners know that the dog would do the same thing for their human if their human was hurt and needed to get help to them.       
The diver who advances through experience will naturally want to improve speed so as to maximize viewing pleasures. The scuba fins that offer a center with maximum water channeling by using the foot pocket as part of the blade and side panels that direct water off the tip without spilling over the sides will increase the faster swimming result desired. This level of scuba diving fin will maintain a lightweight structure and have an easily adjustable buckle.

All divers may not get to professional level diving, but once they have the skill and have achieved the speed desired, they can improve both by moving up to the scuba diving fin constructed with an articulating joint for pivot and thrust. The Cayman Trench where depths drop from 60 feet to 3,000 feet will attract this experienced diver who must have the highest level of diving skill and one of the best equipment that supports the diving sport. 0 Comments
Thursday, May 24, 2012
2012 bike month has been the busiest ever. With so many events across the US for bike/walk to school day and bike/walk to work week/day it seems like almost everyone's been biking. Bike NY's five boro 40 mile bike tour and festival was really exciting. The Police Unity Tour that starts in NJ was also something special.

Here are some of the terrific safety give aways that were given out.

The Soldotna, Alaska police department started their fun  bicycle and pedestrian safety classes for school children. This year they are handing out reflective zipper pulls and bike spoke reflectors.

goDCgo again gave their eye catching reflective legbands and the County of Shasta, CA also chose reflective chain guards.
Reflective slap bracelets , reflective armbands and bike spoke lights were a super hit as always. 0 Comments
Saturday, May 19, 2012
LED Bike Headlight

The use of LED bicycle lights is used to see when riding home after dark. The use of lights on a bicycle are for safety. They provide light that allows you to see and also allows others to see you riding down a road or sidewalk. Installing LED bike tail lights can be done to make your bike seen from the rear. The use of LED lights are a great option for a bike to avoid an accident or injury when reflectors that are on a bicycle are ineffective.

A light that is attached to the handlebars of a bike will allow the rider to see signs that may be missed if they are not illuminated. This can lead to bike riders unknowingly enter an intersection or fail to stop at the end of a road. This product is easy to install on a bike and is powered by batteries. Clamps are used to secure LED bicycle lights to the handlebars with a screw. LED bike tail lights are attached onto your bike frame that is below the seat.

Wires can be run along the frame up to the handlebars. Securing wire for the lights to the frame can be done with zip ties. A switch is used to turn the lights on and off if they are needed. A light used on your bike can be turned on only at night or during the day when our riding. However, you may need to use a new set of batteries. The batteries used for these lights are rechargeable and will last a minimum of two to three hours.

Lights that you can install on your bicycle are light weight and will not cause any problems riding your bike on a bike path or the edge of a road. Some lights have features such as settings that are used when a dim light is required or a bright light is needed. The light that is mounted to the front of a bicycle may be required to be a white light. The color of light to mount on the rear of your bike needs to be red. The colors of light are the same as those used for scooters and other small electric and gas powered vehicles that are ridden on the road.

LED lights that are made for a bicycle are designed to be waterproof. This means that they can be used when rainy weather occurs. You can find lights for a bicycle at many retailers online. Batteries for your LED lights may need to be purchased separately. The most common battery that is used for this type of light is a AAA. However, some may require the use of AA batteries. 0 Comments
Thursday, May 17, 2012
Reflective Backpack
From 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., the unimaginable can happen. Those hours are considered high risk for your safety. It is dark outside you are biking, walking or running at night or early in the morning. A driver, who may or may not see you, drives right into you. As a result, you may be injured or even killed. The unimaginable does not have to occur and you don’t have to stop enjoying the outdoors when you use reflective apparel such as reflective belts, reflective backpacks or reflective vests.

Reflective gear increases your visibility to drivers. An increased visibility also increases your opportunity to enjoy your outings and be safe too. You can use different types of reflective apparel to increase your safety.

Reflective Vests

The vests, which are lightweight and breathable, are easy to slip on when you’re prepared to walk or run at night or in the morning. The vests typically are available in one-size-fits-all. So, you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect size vest. The vests are designed with strips on the back and front so drivers can see you.

Reflective Armbands

If you’re not interested in wearing vests, you can choose the reflective armbands. The armbands are available in different colors such as lime green and bright orange. Wearing the armbands allow drivers to see that something is moving when it’s dark outside.

Reflective Leg Bands

You can also wear reflective leg bands, if you’re not interested in wearing vests. The leg bands are available in the same colors as the armbands. All of the leg bands are light weight. Most are made with Velcro to provide an adjustable fit.

Reflective Belts

The belts are alternative to other reflective gear like armbands and leg bands, although people usually wear the bands and belts. The belts, which are one-size-fits-all as well, are constructed with loops and snaps to allow you to attach things such as keys or a small wallet on them.

Emergency Lights for Vehicles

Besides wearing reflective gear such as reflective armbands, you can increase your visibility with emergency lights. These emergency lights for vehicles fit on your bike, scooters or other vehicles. Many people place the lights on the wheel rims or bike handles. Most of these lights are lightweight and easy to attach on any vehicle. Some lights, however, may require batteries unlike the apparel.

Regardless of the outdoor activity you choose to enjoy, it’s vital to stay safe. The evening and early morning is a dangerous time for anyone biking, walking or running. Increasing your safety involves wearing apparel such as reflective backpacks, reflective belts and reflective leg bands. You can’t depend on drivers to watch the road and see you too. 0 Comments
Saturday, May 12, 2012

ANSI Reflective Vest
Cars are so much a part of our day-to-day that we barely think about them anymore. However, that doesn't stop them from behind a primary contributor to hundreds of thousands of injuries and deaths every year. As such you need to be extra careful when you're making plans involving your car, and there are certain things you should always have on hand for those unpredictable situations where you're in an emergency.

First things first, make sure that your car emergency lights function properly. Your hazard lights, as they're called, are your first line of defense when there's an emergency on the road, and you should check them periodically to be sure that the flashers function. If there are any troubles then you should definitely replace the bulbs and, if necessary, have your electrical connections checked so that you have full warning light capability.

Beyond your car emergency lights though, you should also be sure that you have some very basic emergency equipment in your trunk. Emergency lights for vehicles should include road flares, flashlights (the strong kind that you can see through the rain), and if at all possible one of the orange cones that you can put over the top of a flashlight so that people can see it more easily. These emergency lights for vehicles should be regularly tested as well, at least once per year or so. Much like fire extinguishers, if you leave your lights for too long then when you finally do really need them, they won't be functional and it will be a lot like you'd never had them in the first place.

In addition to all of the emergency light capability in case of an accident or other automotive problem, you should also be sure that you have a proper amount of reflective gear on hand in your vehicle. Reflective gear can include a poncho with reflectors on it, but it might also include small road signs with reflectors on them to help guide traffic around a stalled or failed vehicle. These let drivers know that there's a problem, and they have been trained by society to follow reflective lines away from vehicles so as to avoid as much damage as possible.

These are just a few options that you should be sure to have available in whatever vehicle you're driving. You should keep all of your emergency preparedness equipment in a small, tightly packed kit that you can fit into a bin in the trunk or even in the driver's side door if needs be. This way you have everything you need, and you still have room for all the other cargo space you've set aside for when you need it. 0 Comments
Thursday, May 10, 2012

Reflective Vests
If running makes you feel good, and you love to feel the wind on your cheeks, the burn in your legs and the freeing feeling of just being one with the road, knowing you are taking care of your body, then having a safe run should be most important. It's a fact that when you can't be seen on the road, you're taking unnecessary risks to your health and even your life. Why take that risk when there are many tools at your disposal that will assist you in running safely, as well as make you cool while doing it.

Besides the common sense tips of running safely, i.e. having tied shoes, limiting distractions, making sure you have personal identification on you, and not running alone at night; there are other just as important tools to ensure a safe run. Running reflective gear, which includes reflective vests, reflective belts and reflective armbands should be in your running arsenal, and are essential to ensure drivers can see you clearly.

Running reflective gear comes in many different forms, and includes a variety of colors, sizes and designs. In fact, reflective gear can be used just about anywhere from your ankles to your head, and if you really want to be seen clearly; reflective gear can be used in multiple places, such as wearing a vest, armbands and ankle bands.

Reflective vests can be worn outside of regular clothing and can look just as fashionable as everyday wear. Reflective vests come in bright colors so drivers can see you, especially at night, such as bright yellow, neon green, hot pink, and pumpkin orange. They don't have to be bulky, too tight or too loose, but they have to be bright for your own safety. Some are a complete vest while others just wrap around your shoulders and fit like suspenders.

Reflective belts are also a good addition to your reflective gear if you don't want to wear a vest, but still need to be clearly seen; they are great for holding ID and come in wide or slimmer styles. The colors of reflective belts include yellow, red, pink, orange, blue and many more. Best of all, they look cool while wearing them and keep you safe.

Reflective armbands are another great tool for a safe run. These armbands can be wide or slim, long or short, and can help you be seen. Reflective armbands can also be used on wrists or ankles. A GPS device can be attached to a reflective armband as well. How about lime green, neon yellow or orange, or a striking gold color to show you off?

Whichever you choose, running reflective gear will add to your safety collection so you can take off with no worries and enjoy the rush of adrenaline when rubber meets the road. 0 Comments
Saturday, May 05, 2012
Reflective Dog Leashes

You know how much you love your dog. You know how important your dog is to your happiness. You would never want anything to happen to your dog that you could easily have prevented. Have you ever thought about all the potential dangers your dog is exposed to when being walked in inclement weather or on dark nights? It is of course, very important to walk your dog on a regular basis even when it is dark and rainy, but pedestrians are typically over confident of their presence and visibility when walking at night. It is very challenging for a driver to see a pedestrian walking on the side of the road and even harder to see a dog. There may also be the risk of your dog getting out on his own without your watchful care to protect him.

An easy solution to help protect your beloved dog is reflective accessories. You can purchase both a reflective dog collar and a reflective dog leash for your pet. Reflective pet gear will be easily seen in car headlights, street lights or even in the beam of a flashlight, enabling the presence of you and your dog to be obvious to oncoming drivers and other pedestrians.

You are most likely aware of people wearing reflective clothing to protect them when cycling or running. You will have probably noticed highway construction crews wearing reflective apparel to make their presence more obvious to passing traffic. Police, paramedics and emergency roadside services are all equipped with reflective jackets and reflective signals to enable us to better see them. Children’s outer garments, shoes or even back packs are often designed with built-in reflectors to improve their roadside safety. Since reflective pet gear is readily available don’t you think it is a good idea to protect your dog too?

In addition to protecting your dog when walking there are other benefits to reflective pet gear. With a reflective dog collar; you can confidently take your dog camping, as you will be easily able to monitor his whereabouts at night. You will no longer struggle to find your reflective dog leash in that dark cupboard when preparing to take your dog out for his evening walk. On a dull day you can more easily spot your dog at your favorite dog park. The good news is both you and your dog will be more easily seen whenever the light is failing.

It is wise to protect your dog when out walking at night and makes good sense to invest in a reflective dog collar and a reflective dog leash. It is also comforting to have the peace of mind that you have done all you can to protect your best friend. 0 Comments
Thursday, May 03, 2012
1 Watt LED Bike Headlight

Riding your bicycle at night on city streets is a dangerous activity that should be discouraged due to the number of accidents each year. These accidents occur for two major reasons, drivers not paying attention and bike riders not being visible.

Not much can be done about inattentive drivers, and sadly this practice will continue. As a bike rider though, there are options available to make the roads safer for everyone. Riding your bike without fear is the main goal of wearing safety equipment, as well as being visible to vehicles on the roadways.

LED bicycle lights are a good accessory to attach to your bicycle as they provide light for your path in front of you. They are small, bright and powerful and will illuminate the road a good many feet in front of your bicycle, allowing you to see different obstacles and obstructions.

LED bike tail lights are good for traffic coming up behind you to know that you are there. There are various types of lights from solid illumination to blinking tail lights. They do give a good advantage to the rider, allowing them to ride in safety.

Another way to be safe while riding your bicycle at night is the use of reflective gear. There are different accouterments that the bicyclist dons before riding their bike and will reflect light from traffic. They usually have various reflective bands that glow in the headlights.

A reflective armband is of course for the arms and as the rider pedals along they will provide a good point of reference for any traffic that is in the area. They can be attached to the upper arms or the lower arms, or both places.

Reflective leg bands, as with other equipment, strap to the legs of the rider and show the motion of pedaling to vehicles traveling in the same area. These can be either thin bands or wide bands, depending on the preference.

Reflective back packs come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have the same use. They provide a large area to be seen by motorists and they are handy for holding anything you might need to carry.

The following equipment will allow the bicyclist to be safe and comfortable while riding their bicycle at night. When searching for the products, keeps in the mind that the better reflective surface they have, the safer you will be. When the LED bicycle lights, LED bike tail lights and reflective gear are used, it will decrease the possibility of not being seen. By utilizing reflective armbands and reflective leg bands, that will give motorists a general size to look out for. The reflective back packs not only provide safety, but it also acts as a handy storage area to keep your hands free from holding something.

Be safe and ride without fear by using bicycle safety equipment. It can save you life by letting vehicles know that they are not the only one on the road. Be smart about riding your bicycle. 0 Comments
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