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Saturday, May 05, 2012
Reflective Dog Leashes

You know how much you love your dog. You know how important your dog is to your happiness. You would never want anything to happen to your dog that you could easily have prevented. Have you ever thought about all the potential dangers your dog is exposed to when being walked in inclement weather or on dark nights? It is of course, very important to walk your dog on a regular basis even when it is dark and rainy, but pedestrians are typically over confident of their presence and visibility when walking at night. It is very challenging for a driver to see a pedestrian walking on the side of the road and even harder to see a dog. There may also be the risk of your dog getting out on his own without your watchful care to protect him.

An easy solution to help protect your beloved dog is reflective accessories. You can purchase both a reflective dog collar and a reflective dog leash for your pet. Reflective pet gear will be easily seen in car headlights, street lights or even in the beam of a flashlight, enabling the presence of you and your dog to be obvious to oncoming drivers and other pedestrians.

You are most likely aware of people wearing reflective clothing to protect them when cycling or running. You will have probably noticed highway construction crews wearing reflective apparel to make their presence more obvious to passing traffic. Police, paramedics and emergency roadside services are all equipped with reflective jackets and reflective signals to enable us to better see them. Children’s outer garments, shoes or even back packs are often designed with built-in reflectors to improve their roadside safety. Since reflective pet gear is readily available don’t you think it is a good idea to protect your dog too?

In addition to protecting your dog when walking there are other benefits to reflective pet gear. With a reflective dog collar; you can confidently take your dog camping, as you will be easily able to monitor his whereabouts at night. You will no longer struggle to find your reflective dog leash in that dark cupboard when preparing to take your dog out for his evening walk. On a dull day you can more easily spot your dog at your favorite dog park. The good news is both you and your dog will be more easily seen whenever the light is failing.

It is wise to protect your dog when out walking at night and makes good sense to invest in a reflective dog collar and a reflective dog leash. It is also comforting to have the peace of mind that you have done all you can to protect your best friend. 0 Comments


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