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Thursday, April 26, 2012

LED Magnetic Car Emergency Lights
Anyone that has ever been broken down on the freeway, or even stalled at a green light feels the fear of an accident. In some cases it’s a risk to even open the vehicle and get out. This is a rough spot, for a stranded motorist not sure that other drivers see or care about the oncoming predicament. In this case what is needed is a way to figuratively increase the size of the stranded car, and increase the level of caution being used by oncoming traffic. Slowing down and increasing the care and attention being paid to the situation, is the safest thing to do immediately after traffic blocking situation.

Car emergency lights are a driver’s best friend in this situation because it helps to increase the presence of the road obstruction. Emergency lights for vehicles actually make a disabled car more of a concern to oncoming traffic. This increases their need to use caution. Without them, even if a driver sees a disabled car slightly off the road he may be just veer away without reducing speed, a much more dangerous scenario. Car emergency lights usually refer to emergency flashers that all go on with one control. They are bright enough that they usually cut through fog and stormy weather.

Emergency lights for vehicles also refer to flashing lights you see for police and fire. These are high powered and serve the purpose not just of getting people’s attention but also to clear the road. Amber Construction and security lights also make other vehicles in seeing distance take notice and prepare to take action. Often these are what motorists see first when driving up on road construction, pipe repair, power lines, etc. they come with specific colors designated for specific purposes within a few general categories.

Car emergency lights can also refer to the hand held red caution lights that are used for directing traffic. They can also be the roadside flares that are commonly seen at an accident scene. Many drivers are aware enough to bring these along with them in their emergency kits. Sometimes it’s an officer that just arrives at the scene and is trying to establish a bypass for traffic. Reflectors or reflecting tape on traffic cones, though not as visible as a powered light are certainly better than nothing. When equipping a car they can be a lifesaving standby.

If you decide to put lights in your emergency kit make sure that the batteries work. Look into options that plug into your car’s lighter. Remember, if your car doesn’t start, the more items you run off of your car’s battery the sooner your battery will lose its charge.

Confidence in a tense situation is what you need to make a calm decision. Emergency lights for vehicles give people at least the security that they are doing all they can to be visible in a dangerous situation. Another benefit about turning on emergency lights is that in many states it’s illegal not to use caution when emergency lights are flashing. 0 Comments


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