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Saturday, June 30, 2012

360 Degree Reflective Vest
When it comes to safety, it is important to take all the necessary precautions in order to ensure you are always out of harm’s way. You never know what might happen, and by taking a few extra steps to ensure you are safe, it can make all the difference between staying alive and healthy and receiving a nasty injury. You never know what you are going to be doing or where you are working, so it is important to educate yourself on a few of the more important safety materials you can use, no matter the job title.

For starters, a reflective vest is important to wear. During low light situations, it is difficult for other individuals to see you, especially passing traffic. The reflective vest makes it possible for light from any source, whether it is a headlight or the moon, to bounce off the surface and make it stand out more. This helps make the entire situation far safer. Of course, this only works if there is some sort of light present. If there is no light at all, it isn't going to work and people still can't see you. If you need to stand out far away, you need to go a different route. Even if there is light in the area, the reflective vest is not going to show up several hundred feet away. It is always important for traffic to see you from as far of a distance as possible, as this increases their reaction time. So, in combination of a vest, you need to consider the LED lights.

The LED lights can be attached to anywhere on the clothing. This includes the vest, but also a shirt, pants or anything else that has a small amount of cloth, able to accept the clip from the light. The lights are either always on or pulsating. The pulsing effect brings attention to those who are looking on, which ensures it is possible to see you from a very large distance away. So, no matter how much light is in the area, it is possible to see you. This also helps with other employees who are in the area, as they can now see you better, instead of having to call out to you or search in all directions just to be able to find you. On top of it, without thee LED lights, workers with you probably won't be able to see anything, unless you are within close range at night and they have some sort of lighting equipment on hand.

It is always important to make safety your top priority, no matter what kind of job you are performing or where you are working. When working outside where there is traffic, you need to make yourself be known to those traveling around you, and if it is dark outside, you can't always do this just by what you are wearing. This is why taking additional equipment on with you is important to make you known. 0 Comments
Friday, June 29, 2012

4 LED Multi-Purpose Safety Light
Bicycling is one of safest and most healthy forms of transportation today. Not to mention, Bicycling is a great form of exercise. However, when Bicycles and automobiles share the same roadway there are bound to be accidents. Of course the incidents of bike related accidents spike in the dusk and night time hours.

Just last year a man was reported to have been struck and injured by a car while riding his bicycle at night in Knoxville Tennessee, authorities say that if he had been wearing some reflective gear, or had a bike light most likely the accident could have been avoided altogether.

Bicyclist can be assured that adding the safety feature of a bike light could potentially save their lives. In the safety business there is no better bicycle light than LED bicycle lights. Adding a bicycle tail light, especially a LED bike tail light could make the difference between being seen by a passing car at night or not; and in turn can mean the difference between being struck by a car or having it safely pass them by.

Using LED bicycles lights are a good safety option for bicyclist wishing to share the road with vehicles. LED lights which are known for their long-lasting and super efficient lighting are the best light for bicyclist to use. Since adding a tail bike light or headlight to a bicycle can make all the difference in safety while riding at night it is a very smart addition for any bicyclist to make to their bike. Also cyclist should be aware that adding a flashing bike tail light preferably a LED bike tail light when riding at night is a smart idea for any safety minded cyclist, due to the increased risk to bicyclist who chooses to ride in the evenings or night time hours.

Of course every cyclist knows that riding at night can be more dangerous, however, statistics state that in the state of Florida, 60% of all bike accidents involving vehicles and bicyclist occurred when bicyclist were riding at night without the proper bicycle tail light. Furthermore, in the year 1999, 30% of deaths due to accidents on bicycles occurred between the hours of 6 p.m. and midnight. Using safety reflective devices can reduce the risk for bicyclist substantially since often times when a bicyclist is struck by a car it is due to the driver being unable to see the cyclist.

The sport of bicycling is enjoyed by many people from all walks of life. It is a great form of exercise and transportation. However, knowing the risk associated with sharing the road, and heeding the advice of professionals by adding a reflective bike tail light or a LED tail light, can make sharing the roadway with vehicles much safer, especially when riding at night. By adding a LED tail light to their bikes, and thus being assured they can be seen by passing vehicles, cyclist can greatly reduce their risk of becoming part of a very unpleasant statistic. 0 Comments
Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Every year at the end of June a local Lakewood private school hosts a wonderful Health and Safety Fair which the children love. Our booth at the fair this year was a real success. The fair drew a huge crowd. The highlight was the state police helicopter landing in the field.
 We gave out USA made FREE all purpose reflective stickers. We also again had our hourly raffle for free bicycle lights along with our annual blowout sale of  samples and many of our reflectors and lights.
Thank you everyone for your support and remember to put the stickers on your helmets, bikes and strollers.
Our  LED Light dark box display where you were able to try out many of our bicycle lights and accessories

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vertical Bike Tail Light
Safety is important every single day, but safety awareness is particularly prominent during the month of June thanks to National Safety Month. National Safety Month is dedicated to promoting safe driving, safety classes and other useful tools available to the public. The National Safety Council joins together each June, and they encourage various organizations and businesses to participate in National Safety Month.

Each year, the National Safety Council creates different themes for each week in June. In 2012, the weekly themes are Employee Wellness, Ergonomics, Prevention and Driving Safety. There has been a big emphasis on safe driving over the last several years, and the National Safety Council is using this month to make people aware of safety classes and other resources.

Car accidents related to cell phone usage, alcohol abuse and more have been skyrocketing lately. Many people are involved in accidents because they are unaware of the serious dangers that are involved with careless driving. National Safety Month focuses heavily on teaching people to drive safely. There are many resources available for people to learn about safety while driving.

On the National Safety Month website, visitors are encouraged to pledge to drive without using their cell phone. Many people drive while talking or text messaging on their cell phones; this is one of the most common causes of fatal accidents. The website features free online training opportunities for parents, drivers and more. There are also National Safety Month posters available that encourage people to drive safely. In addition to posters, employers can download a variety of free resources to give out to employees. These valuable resources include a Driving Safety Fact Sheet, a Driving Safety 5-Minute Talk, a Driving Safety Article and a fun crossword puzzle about safety.

The National Safety Month website also provides a list of statistics and additional resources that anyone can take advantage of. On the Safe Driving Week page, visitors can read statistics about car accidents involving cell phones. For example, 77% of drivers admit to answering their phones while driving, and 41% admit to making calls while driving. Both of these tasks are very dangerous, and a NSC webinar is available to help educate people on these startling statistics.

Additional resources on the website include a video series about distracted driving, a distracted driving report and other various tools for employers. National Safety Month is a valuable time to learn essential information about driving safe. 0 Comments
Friday, June 22, 2012

360 Degree Reflective Vest
There are lots of people that sign up for safety driving courses. This is usually taken by people that have lots of speeding tickets. It is something that people can take online or in a physical class setting.

When it comes to defensive driving lots of people know about the obvious things. It is only common sense to watch out for bicycle riders and runners. This is something that most drivers are taught to pay attention to as early as high school. This becomes a safety driving precaution of looking out for people that may not necessarily be looking out for you. The same lesson is also applied to other drivers that are in cars: look out for the other drivers and pedestrians because they are not always looking out for you.

Safety driving tips actually have a lot more to do with reading than one might think. It is true that hands-on experiences is unbeatable, but people that take defensive driving courses often do more learning about the written road rules. This is where many people go wrong. This is also why many bad drivers need a safe driving course. They know the basics, but they missed safe driving tips about yielding or stopping at stop signs.

Safety driving is something that many people wrestle with. There are so many angry drivers on the road. When DUI drivers are added to the equation, it becomes a very hectic highway. The defensive driving techniques that are used will keep drivers safe from all the hazards of the roadway.

Safety driving tips are taught in school because young drivers need them the most. Some people progress and become better drivers over time. Others that did not learn this in the days of their youth will inevitably be forced to come in contact with the same road rules later in life. Many times this is something that is mandated after a driver has had many accidents or traffic violations. Coincidentally, drivers that take these courses can sometimes reduce insurance rates.

It is somewhat unfortunate that many people have to learn about driving all over again as they get older. It may seem somewhat unfair for drivers to have to sign up for a safety driving course all over again. Many of them feel that they have naturally improved over the years. The reality, however, is that many people will never learn the rules until they are forced to do so. Big consequences such as the suspension of a license or the loss of a job will make many people take these safety driving tips seriously.

Bad drivers aren't the only ones that take these courses though. It is important for all drivers to know the rules of the road. Safe drivers that have never had a single accident can still benefit from this. The reality is that some people that knew the rules perfectly may have had a lapse in memory. The courses are most appreciated by drivers that are new to the open highway and for those that share the roadways with vehicles such as bicyclists and other pedestrians. 0 Comments
Monday, June 18, 2012
Reflective Belt with Quick Release Buckle
Providing Increased Safety for Sporting Events

Are you an athlete that has to train at strange hours of the day due to a busy work schedule? Maybe you are an early riser who likes to start their day with a nice leisurely twelve mile run? If you answered yes to either of these questions, chances are good that you have had to train during a time of day with minimal lighting. This is extremely dangerous to a runner, biker or jogger since passing vehicles cannot see the athlete and gives the athlete a greater chance of being hit and suffering a serious injury.

To make oneself seen at all hours of the day, consider using reflective armbands that combine function with outstanding style. Armbands made from 3M or Reflexite reflective material are lightweight and easy to attach thanks to a simple Velcro closure. LED armbands provide an additional safety element since they blink to notify oncoming traffic that you are out making about to make a turn and head for the home stretch. Belts come in lime or white and can be worn at the waist, across the chest, around the arm or wherever a runner needs to put it.

Providing Increased Safety for Everyday Jobs

Maybe you are a company executive who has employees that operate dangerous equipment in low light hours? If so, you have probably wondered what safety measures should be implemented to improve worker safety. One option would be to install exterior floodlighting throughout an area. This option is expensive though and may not get implemented in a timely manner due to a desire to improve the company's bottom line.

Reflective armbands are an economical alternative that may be used by outside workers during low light hours. LED armbands can offer protection from serious injury to employees that are forced to operate around heavy equipment in poor lighting. A forklift operator driving in a material's yard at night has a very difficult time seeing other workers in his path. If he is not properly notified, he may hit one of your workers and bring about a costly lawsuit. Reflective material that makes people visible is an investment that will generate a significant rate of return.

Providing Increased Safety for Trick-or-Treaters

Do you have children who will go out this October 31 in search of a pillowcase full of candy? If so, you are well aware of the dangers that await them on their route. Even more frightening than ghosts and goblins are cars that can cause serious harm to your little ones who have poor visibility while wearing a mask of their favorite superhero.

Armbands are easy to incorporate into a Halloween costume and will help your child stand out and get noticed. Reflective armbands can be placed in key places on the costume and will help your child glow in the dark. This safety feature will provide you peace of mind and make your child the envy of all his or her friends. 0 Comments
Wednesday, June 13, 2012

3M Reflective Backpack
Adult or child, professional or non-professional, there is going to be a situation in everyday life where visibility will play an important part. For an adult it could just be crossing a road on the way home from work or as a child, coming home from school during those bleak seasonal afternoons. Different situations can create different outcomes, depending upon risk and susceptibility. Attempting to surround yourself and your loved ones with reflective items is just one of many ways to be protected from dangerous circumstances.

Folks can buy a mixture of accessories to aid in amplifying perception when biking, hiking, walking, and any other similar form of activity. Along with all the familiar items that reflect light such as armbands, belts, and vests, there are now options to buy multipurpose reflective backpack. 

While backpacks are mostly noted for uses that free up the hands, they are also functional for holding necessities in trunks of trucks and cars, such as safety and emergency items.  If ever needed in the dark of night, the reflective backpack will mirror any type of light, making e it easier to locate.

A kids back pack will often have the front piping and the shoulder straps as the specific parts where reflective tape will be applied. 

Younger children who do not carry heavy loads, but still want a hands free situation, should consider a drawstring backpack created from non-woven, recyclable material.  It is moisture/water proof, lead-free and non-toxic. It is a wonderful way to introduce the little ones to backpacks and Eco-awareness all at once.  The size of the bag is approximately 41 x 36 x 15 cm. Kids with love the assorted colors and specialized screen printing with the child’s drawing or their picture.

Planning on going to the beach and making it an all day affair with a great bonfire to end that perfect day?  Then the family will want to purchase some fantastic PVC reflective backpack coolers. Makes trotting down the beach a breeze, freeing up your hands for the larger need items. These backpack coolers keep the eats and drinks cold and fresh and all the leftover hamburgers and hotdogs warmer, longer.

These backpack coolers are great for school lunches as well or holding special treats during night travels to the grandparent’s house.

Children age four to seven can find a kids back pack adorned with an adorable cartoon image stamped on it. Or, perhaps, they might even want to take the opportunity to create their own special backpack that will glow when lights go dim.  All they have to do is have a parent choose the backpack of their choice, add a few reflectors that show off their own individual and extraordinary personality, and click a button to send it on its way to the front door. 0 Comments
Saturday, June 09, 2012
Bright Strike LED Sports Gloves
When you think of LED gloves and other types of gloves with lights, you may think that they are only suitable for raves or just for goofing off at home. The fact of the matter is that light up gloves actually have plenty of uses and are a great safety device as well as a fun gadget to play around with. These special gloves are useful in sports as well as other outdoor recreational activities. Let's take an in-depth look at how these gloves can benefit you.

Staying Safe

If you like to go for walks or go jogging when it's dark, then you understand the importance of visibility so that you don't get hit by on coming vehicles. LED light up gloves are the perfect way to ensure that all motorists can clearly see your position and avoid running into you. As you can imagine this method of safety is more important in high traffic areas and should be used to supplement other safety precautions such as wearing a reflector belt.

These gloves are also perfect for cyclists who ride at night. Many bikes can be equipped with rear light attachments but may ignore any lights on the front. By having LED light gloves you can increase your visibility from the front and prevent a potentially fatal collision.

Another use for LED light up gloves is for hiking/camping trips. While you typically stay put in one spot at night while doing these things, it can be beneficial to have light up gloves if you're changing locations or if members of your party are splitting up to do different tasks. The light up gloves will ensure that it is easy to locate one another in the dark so that no one get's lost.

Other Uses

In addition to the obvious uses for LED light gloves listed above there are other uses as well. In some areas there are a lack of lighted playing fields for sports and if you're looking for a little evening fun with your friends it can be to your advantage to have light up gloves so that you are easily visible to each other. This can also prevent painful collisions that may occur in the dark.

Gloves with lights are also especially popular at raves. While many people like to wave around glow sticks and wear other types of fluorescent clothing it can be really cool to have multicolor LED gloves as well, especially if they are the kind that either flash or change color.

Also don't forget that these gloves run on batteries so you're going to want to take note of what type of batteries that the gloves you buy take and whether or not batteries are included with your purchase.

Overall there are plenty of uses for LED light gloves. From sports, to safety, to raving and beyond, you are sure to find a use for these gloves that suits you. Thanks to light up gloves, it has never been easier to stay safe while looking cool. 2 Comments
Thursday, June 07, 2012
Bicycle Spoke Lights
If you enjoy riding your bike at night or in the very early morning, you definitely need to invest in bike tire lights. The reasoning behind this is pretty obvious: without proper visibility motorists can easily collide with you. This can cause severe injury as well as possible legal ramifications as well; don't assume that it will be judged the motorist's fault just because you were on a bike. Let's take a look at some of the ways that lights for your wheels can help make biking a safer experience for you.

Increased Visibility

Everyone knows the old adage of wearing white when walking at night to increase your visibility to motorists so that you don't get hit by a vehicle. When biking you need to take things to the next level because it can be much harder to spot a bicyclist than it can be to spot someone walking. Additionally people walking can do so on the safety of the sidewalk where as cyclists don't have that luxury.

By investing in bike tire valve lights you're able to drastically increase the visibility of your bicycle, especially from the sides. This will let motorists know you're there and ensure that they don't slam into you unexpectedly. This is practically essential if you're planning on riding in an urban area where there can be a decent amount of traffic.

Types of Bike Tire Lights

In addition to the standard reflector style lights there are other kinds of bike tire valve lights you may want to consider. Flashing lights tend to be popular due to the fact that not only do they increase visibility, they also attract more attention. This is due to the fact that the human eye is more adept at detecting motion with peripheral vision. This will ensure that careless drivers who only see you out of the corner of their eye are more likely to notice you.

Other lights come in florescent colors or eye catching spiral patterns. These are also great because the eye catching design also increases visibility and reduces the chance of you getting hit by a car. Not only that, but they look really cool to and will be sure to get plenty of compliments.

Keep in mind that when you buy these lights for your wheels that the spinning motion of the wheel itself affects how the lights looks as you ride. This can produce a number of neat effects and really make your bike look amazing at night. Just because these lights are primarily for safely doesn't mean that they can't look cool too.


In the end it is a great idea to get lights for your wheels if you like to ride your bike at night or in the very early morning. Not only is this a major safety issue but it also takes into consideration the general aesthetic of your bike and can really make it look amazing. Also don't forget that in addition to sustaining serious injury from a collision, most insurance companies won't insure your bike, so if it gets destroyed you're out of luck. Invest in bike tire valve lights and protect yourself as well as your bike. 0 Comments
Monday, June 04, 2012

9 LED Reflective Tail Light
Riding a bike is a great way to make your commute around town and give your body a good workout at the same time. Bicycle riding is a healthy transportation alternative that saves people money that they would be using for gas. The environment also benefits from bike riding as bicycles do not emit toxins into the ozone as automobiles do. While bike riding is a great way to stay in shape and to commute, it is important to always ride safely by using bicycle tail lights when riding at night to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

In most states , bike riders who ride their bikes at night are required by law to have tail lights for their bikes. Bike riders who do not use tail lights can face stiff fines and have their bicycle riding privileges taken from them.  These laws are in place for good reason.  In all accidents involving bicycles, (rather it also involve a pedestrian, an automobile, or another bicycle) a vast majority of the accidents were cause because the bicycles did not have bright bike tail lights.

Bright bike tail lights are important so that your bicycle is easily seen by cars, pedestrians, and other bikes. You want to make sure that your bike's tail lights are bright enough to be seen by anything that may be coming down the road. A good way to test the brightness of your bicycle tail lights is to wait until it gets dark, set your bike upright, and turn the tail lights on. Then walk a few hundred feet, leaving your bike upright with your lights on. Turn around and see if you can see your bike. If you can, then you have bright bike tail lights.

Tail lights for bikes can be purchased from a variety of stores online. They come in many different shapes and sizes with different levels of brightness. Make sure you pick one that fits your bike and is bright enough for your intended use.

Many Americans depend on their bicycle for transportation to and from work every day, to the store, and to run any other errands that a person may have to run in their every day life. Because people who use their bike as their main mode of transportation have to ride at all hours of the night due to their schedules, it is very important if you are a bike rider to always use bicycle taillights. 0 Comments
Friday, June 01, 2012

Blue & Red Flashing LED Spoke Lights
Riding a bicycle at night is a peaceful yet invigorating experience with an added danger of darkness and the inability to see a bicyclist in the night. According to the 2009 National Bicycle Accident Statistics, bicyclist deaths account for 2 percent of all motor vehicle traffic deaths. Spoke lights provide both safety lights along with wheel lights in a small form that attaches to any size of bicycle wheel and provide safety along with a neat light show at every turn of the wheel.  According to the same 2009 National Bicycle Accident Statistics, around 75 percent of bicyclists were killed between 4 a.m. and 8 p.m. and almost 20 percent were killed between the hours of 8 p.m. and midnight. That is an astounding percentage in the darkness. With the lights properly attached to each wheel, the bicycle will be illuminated in the night providing great safety light.

Bicycle spoke lights come in many forms, wheel lights and the single LED lights being the two most common types. The lights are available in many colors such as red, amber, green or white. They are colors that contrast the darkness and provide the safety needed to ride a bicycle at night. The wheel lights are often small LED lights set at different heights on each spoke or every other spoke.  These types of lights have stainless steel clips made specifically to attach right onto the spoke. Single LED bike spoke lights just slide down in between two the spokes and lock in, and only need a squeeze to turn on.  Most of the single LED bike spoke lights have two light modes to choose from, the steady on mode, which does not flash, and a flashing mode. Two 3V Lithium Batteries power the LED bike spoke lights, which provide a long bright light life and are easily replaced when the batteries finally wear out.

Bicycle spoke lights are the perfect safety lights in a great spot for any wheel, and also create an amazing light show with every pedal of the bike. Once the bicycle wheels are moving quickly enough, they will create the illusion of two circles flying down the road with glowing trails. Spoke safety lights have also evolved with technology as some have the ability to display computer generated messages and images among the spokes of each wheel. Each spoke light is water resistant along with being shock resistant.

In today's society, these ingenious little lights provide add a measure of safety when used with other bicycle safety gear such as reflective bright clothing, helmets, and bicycle reflectors. In addition, they add a personal flair to the bike that is unique and which kids and adults alike will love.  0 Comments
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