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Saturday, June 09, 2012
Bright Strike LED Sports Gloves
When you think of LED gloves and other types of gloves with lights, you may think that they are only suitable for raves or just for goofing off at home. The fact of the matter is that light up gloves actually have plenty of uses and are a great safety device as well as a fun gadget to play around with. These special gloves are useful in sports as well as other outdoor recreational activities. Let's take an in-depth look at how these gloves can benefit you.

Staying Safe

If you like to go for walks or go jogging when it's dark, then you understand the importance of visibility so that you don't get hit by on coming vehicles. LED light up gloves are the perfect way to ensure that all motorists can clearly see your position and avoid running into you. As you can imagine this method of safety is more important in high traffic areas and should be used to supplement other safety precautions such as wearing a reflector belt.

These gloves are also perfect for cyclists who ride at night. Many bikes can be equipped with rear light attachments but may ignore any lights on the front. By having LED light gloves you can increase your visibility from the front and prevent a potentially fatal collision.

Another use for LED light up gloves is for hiking/camping trips. While you typically stay put in one spot at night while doing these things, it can be beneficial to have light up gloves if you're changing locations or if members of your party are splitting up to do different tasks. The light up gloves will ensure that it is easy to locate one another in the dark so that no one get's lost.

Other Uses

In addition to the obvious uses for LED light gloves listed above there are other uses as well. In some areas there are a lack of lighted playing fields for sports and if you're looking for a little evening fun with your friends it can be to your advantage to have light up gloves so that you are easily visible to each other. This can also prevent painful collisions that may occur in the dark.

Gloves with lights are also especially popular at raves. While many people like to wave around glow sticks and wear other types of fluorescent clothing it can be really cool to have multicolor LED gloves as well, especially if they are the kind that either flash or change color.

Also don't forget that these gloves run on batteries so you're going to want to take note of what type of batteries that the gloves you buy take and whether or not batteries are included with your purchase.

Overall there are plenty of uses for LED light gloves. From sports, to safety, to raving and beyond, you are sure to find a use for these gloves that suits you. Thanks to light up gloves, it has never been easier to stay safe while looking cool. 2 Comments


Anonymous Outdoor Lighting said...

I wanna have one of this gloves im a biker and get home late sometimes this is helpful for us.

5:26 AM  
Anonymous Dangerous Goods Cabinet said...

Wow! This type of gloves would be very helpful for me. I usually came home late at night so it would be great if I can purchase it. Thanks for this awesome post.

11:30 PM  

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