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Monday, May 28, 2012

Your safety should by your primary concern when you are out bike riding. There are a number of different safety features that you can use when biking to help keep you safe. When you are riding at night, however, in addition to light colored reflective clothing and reflectors on your spokes, you should also ensure that you use tail lights so that others can see you on the road. In many cases, your bike tail lights are the only thing ensuring that drivers in motor vehicles see you on the road.

There a a number of different tail lights that you can use for your bicycle. Most bicycle tail lights are compatible with any kind of bicycle, although there are some bike tail lights that are specifically made for certain bike brands. When choosing your lights for bikes, you need to ensure that you choose lights that will fit your bike.

Another thing that you need to be aware of is that many states have laws concerning the riding of bicycles in both day and nighttime conditions. Many do require you to have bicycle tail lights whether it is day or night, if you plan on driving on a public road. Other states have requirements for night riding that may include both tail lights and front lights for bikes. Staying abreast of your local laws is just as important as your safety equipment.

An inexpensive and popular option for types of lights for bikes are LED tail lights and front lights. LED lights are available in white or yellow for the front of your bike and red for the back of your bike. LED tail lights can provide up to 50000 hours of operation before the batteries are exhausted. What's more, the bulbs are less prone to burn out, and like traditional light bulbs, you can buy LED's with different levels of power and light generation.

If you choose LED bike tail lights, you need to ensure that you buy high quality back lights. LED's can generate a lot of heat if not properly encased or put together, especially if you purchase a more power LED light. Using reviews is an excellent way to determine how well specific brands work.

LED bicycle tail lights aren't your only option for back lights. You can choose from solar powered lights, battery lights, halogen lights, HID lights, filament lamps, xenon strobes and more. With each option you will choose either a flashing tail light or a solid tail light to indicate your presence.

There are a number of retailers that sell LED tail lights and other back lights for many different bikes. Some only sell bicycle equipment while others are general stores with many different merchandise options. This is your safety that you are talking about so take your time and find the best options for your needs and your budget. You will be glad that you did.         0 Comments


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