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Thursday, May 17, 2012
Reflective Backpack
From 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., the unimaginable can happen. Those hours are considered high risk for your safety. It is dark outside you are biking, walking or running at night or early in the morning. A driver, who may or may not see you, drives right into you. As a result, you may be injured or even killed. The unimaginable does not have to occur and you don’t have to stop enjoying the outdoors when you use reflective apparel such as reflective belts, reflective backpacks or reflective vests.

Reflective gear increases your visibility to drivers. An increased visibility also increases your opportunity to enjoy your outings and be safe too. You can use different types of reflective apparel to increase your safety.

Reflective Vests

The vests, which are lightweight and breathable, are easy to slip on when you’re prepared to walk or run at night or in the morning. The vests typically are available in one-size-fits-all. So, you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect size vest. The vests are designed with strips on the back and front so drivers can see you.

Reflective Armbands

If you’re not interested in wearing vests, you can choose the reflective armbands. The armbands are available in different colors such as lime green and bright orange. Wearing the armbands allow drivers to see that something is moving when it’s dark outside.

Reflective Leg Bands

You can also wear reflective leg bands, if you’re not interested in wearing vests. The leg bands are available in the same colors as the armbands. All of the leg bands are light weight. Most are made with Velcro to provide an adjustable fit.

Reflective Belts

The belts are alternative to other reflective gear like armbands and leg bands, although people usually wear the bands and belts. The belts, which are one-size-fits-all as well, are constructed with loops and snaps to allow you to attach things such as keys or a small wallet on them.

Emergency Lights for Vehicles

Besides wearing reflective gear such as reflective armbands, you can increase your visibility with emergency lights. These emergency lights for vehicles fit on your bike, scooters or other vehicles. Many people place the lights on the wheel rims or bike handles. Most of these lights are lightweight and easy to attach on any vehicle. Some lights, however, may require batteries unlike the apparel.

Regardless of the outdoor activity you choose to enjoy, it’s vital to stay safe. The evening and early morning is a dangerous time for anyone biking, walking or running. Increasing your safety involves wearing apparel such as reflective backpacks, reflective belts and reflective leg bands. You can’t depend on drivers to watch the road and see you too. 0 Comments


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