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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
If you're going to be walking at night whether from your home to a local store or you're a college student walking from a dorm to another building on campus or just off campus, you need to be "night wise". Being night wise means being wise in the ways to be visible at night and there are many ways to make yourself more visible without spending a lot of money or looking foolish.

If you must walk at night, walk in a well lighted and frequently traveled areas. Don't walk in alleys or take short cuts through dimly lit areas. Also avoid darkened doorways and large bushes.

Whenever possible, walk with a friend and try to never walk alone. Be as visible as you can. Use reflective wrist or ankle bands as an easy solution for visibility for motorists if you must walk in an area where you will be encountering any sort of traffic.

Walking alone isn't always unavoidable and if you must walk alone, tell someone where you are going what route you plan to take. Tell them approximately when you will arrive and agree to check in. If you feel you are in danger or threatened at any point when walking, you can put your house keys between your fingers and point the long side out between your fingers. This will make a stout weapon if you need to defend yourself.

If you feel your being followed by a car or someone else on foot, duck into the nearest house that has a light on and knock on the door and tell the resident you feel you are being followed and wait for the person to pass or turn away. This is normally enough to deter someone that is following. If there are no houses nearby, get to the nearest public area you can. 0 Comments
Thursday, October 26, 2006
It's very important for your children to be visible to people on bikes and in cars on Halloween night. Fortunately, there are a good number of ways to make your children very visible at night.

First of all, letting your children carry a flashlight is a fantastic idea as well as look into putting some reflective strips on the backs of their costumes, so when their backs are to oncoming traffic, they can be clearly seen by motorists.

Another good idea is to use glow dots on the fronts and backs of their shoes. The movement of walking will reflect lights of oncoming cars and the movement will automatically draw the attention of the driver. This is a great way to ensure your kids are seen at night. Another great way to make your kids light up at night is to use arm or ankle bands made out of reflective material. Again the natural movement of your kids will draw attention to their presence as the light catches the reflective strips on their arms or legs. Motorists will be aware of your child being nearby.

Go over the safety basics with your kids and make sure they understand they are hard to see at night for motorists. Your children should understand they should never cross too closely in front of an oncoming car and they should never cross anywhere but at corners. Motorists won't be expecting a child to dart out in the middle of a street and the darkness of both the costume and the night can make children very hard to see.

You can ensure your child doesn't become a Halloween injury statistic by making sure your kids are easy to see. The simple use of reflective materials will ensure your kids are visible and have a great, safe Halloween. 0 Comments
Tuesday, October 24, 2006
If you've chosen to let your children go trick or treating this Halloween, there are some safety basics that will keep your kids safe and allow them to have a great time out trick or treating. Make sure your children know the basics for being safe before they go out.

Only go to houses you know. If the light isn't on, don't go there. If the porch light is on and you know who lives there, by all means, stop and say, "Trick or Treat!".

Also, stay visible. A glow strip on the back of a Halloween costume won't take anything away from the costume but will allow your child to be visible to cars. Also, have the kids carry flashlights. The more light they make, the more visible your little Halloween monsters and ghouls will be to motorists. Reflective slap bracelets are another way to make sure your child is seen and kids love putting them on.

Costumes should fit well. Make sure the costumes aren't too long or could cause your child to trip. Also, if possible, forego a mask for face paint. It's easy to apply and remove and also won't interfere your child's vision, especially peripheral.

Additionally, wear appropriate shoes for walking at night. Make sure all costumes are flame retardant. Make sure your kids only cross the streets at corners and never dart out in front of oncoming cars. Last but not least, inspect all candy and look for opened wrappers, wash all fruit thoroughly before eating.

Follow these basic tips and your little ones are assured of a spookerific Halloween. 0 Comments
Thursday, October 19, 2006
If you enjoy jogging or riding your bicycle at night, not only is it the law in many states that you must have minimum visibility requirements, but you life can depend on it.

When a motorist can not see you to avoid hitting you either on foot or on a bike, you are in danger. It is important to be as visible as you can. There are a number of great ways that you can add visibility to your person without compromising style or comfort. If you remember the reflective strips from years ago, you will remember them as stiff and uncomfortable when used on clothing and that they didn't stick very well to bicycles and wound up peeling off not long after you stuck them on. If this has stopped you from being a safer jogger or bike rider - look into what the new generation of safety and reflective tapes and wear have to offer you.

Jogalite arm and leg bands are fantastic for making both a biker or a jogger visible at night or in low light conditions. The movement of the arms and legs of a biker or jogger and the reflection from the bands will draw instant attention from passing drivers to your presence and allow you to be instantly safer during your favorite recreational activities.

Just because it gets dark earlier during these upcoming winter months does not mean you have to give up jogging or riding your bicycle, just be smart and be safe about it and use reflective wear that will let you keep doing what you love to do safely. 0 Comments
Tuesday, October 17, 2006
A big concern of any business is safety for their employees. You want to make sure your employees are safe on the job as well as protect the longevity of your company from lawsuits due to injuries incurred by employees on the job.

If your hours of operation before or after sunrise or sunset, you need to make sure that your employees can be seen by motorists, a great way to insure low-light and night visibility for your employees is to require the wearing of work wear that includes reflective material in the form of strips or dots.

A reflective vest is a great way to make sure your employees are visible and also gives your employees a look that shows customers clearly who works in the your facility and who doesn't. Customers will appreciate it when your employees have a standard uniform or look so they can ascertain quickly who to ask for help when they are shopping at your store.

If your employees help customers carry items to their cars or do deliveries, especially if this is done at the time of day when there is low light, a reflective vest will ensure that they are highly visible to everyone and create a safer working environment for all. If you choose to use reflective wear as a company policy, be sure and put it in writing for all your employees and have them sign a paper that states they understand the reflective wear is to be worn at all times on the job - this will help keep your safety rules enforced and also help protect your company from injury lawsuits by showing even if an accident occurred, such as an employee getting bumped by a motorist in the parking lot who simply couldn't see them after dark, and the employee neglected to wear their reflective wear although it was policy; their signature will show they knew the rules you had established for their safety.

This one simple addition to your company can help you avoid costly injury suits and make the workplace even safer for your employees. 0 Comments
Thursday, October 12, 2006
As a driver, you already know just how important it is to be able to easily see all of the bicyclists and pedestrians around you while you are out on the road. Often times, nothing can be more frightening than having a near miss with somebody who blends right in with the darkness of night while you are driving your car. This is why it is always best for all persons on the side of the road to have all of the necessary items to keep them very visible to all of the cars on the road.

If you happen to enjoy riding your bike during the evening hours, then it is in your best interest as well as that of those around you to equip your bicycle with a good amount of reflective devices or light sources. You certainly do not have to go crazy with your adornments, however just the right amount of reflection or lights can actually go quite a long way. As a matter of fact, there are even great combination kits that you can purchase to give you all of the lighting that you will need in order to stay safe and in sight while you are biking along the roadways.

The Bike Tracker Combo is a really wonderful kit that has everything including your head and taillight along with all of the mounting brackets and batteries that you will need. There are even different modes that you can set the lights to, including strobe, flashing or glowing. Once you are visible to all drivers, you are going to be much safer while you are out enjoying your bike. 0 Comments
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
When your child begins to learn how to ride a bike, you want to make sure that they are as safe as they possibly can be. This will mean possibly using training wheels during the initial phases along with the proper amount of padding for elbows and knees. Certainly, you cannot ignore the necessity of a helmet to secure the precious little head of your child as well. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry, right?

After your child begins to grow up, they may begin to shed some of the protective gear that you once made them wear. Also, after a certain age they will probably even begin to ride their bicycle without wearing the helmet that once gave you such great peace of mind. You might even begin to think that there is just no real way to keep your child safe anymore while they are out riding their bike to school or to their friend's houses. However, there is a great product that you can give them that will continue to keep them safe on the roads.

Once your child hits this phase after shedding the protective gear, you might want to think about buying them a reflective backpack. Such a backpack has just the right amount of wonderful reflective that can be visible for up to one thousand feet away. Now, your children can carry their stuff in a backpack that is also wonderfully protective for them when you cannot be there to shelter them from harm! Such a backpack can give any parent peace of mind. 0 Comments
Thursday, October 05, 2006
If you have someone on your gift giving list that is a little hard to buy for and they are really into being physically fit, add a gift that will keep them safe in their pursuit of physical fitness.

The majority of joggers tend to either run in the early morning before work and many people find this is a great way to get their morning exercise in, warm up for the day and also plan out their day's activities while they run. Other people find running at the end of the day releases the necessary endorphins to destress and have an overall pleasant feeling when they are done with their nightly jog.

No matter when your favorite jogger likes to get their work out in, they will want to be as visible as possible to passing vehicles. You can ensure they are easily seen by giving them the gift of reflective wear for the times they choose the jog.

Early morning and evening jogs both carry the same hazards, low lighting and it can make a jogger - especially one wearing a concrete blending color such as gray sweats - an unseen obstacle on the road. The number one reason motorists give upon having a collision with a pedestrian or jogger is "I just didn't see the person".

The Jogalite Runner's Gift Pack comes with items that will come in handy to any jogger. An orange reflectovest, 2 lime reflective leg bands, lime hot spots and tapes. One size fits all and all will be safe when they dress to be seen as they jog! 0 Comments
Tuesday, October 03, 2006
If you love to ride your bike and find yourself riding after dark frequently; there are some state mandated regulations that both adults and children need to be aware of when they are riding their bicycles in order to be street legal. Even if you ride on even your own neighborhood streets, these requirements must be met.

As you know, the highway codes of all states treat riders of bicycles the same as drivers of vehicles. However certain nuances apply to every state. Some states allow the riding of bicycles on sidewalks and others do not. Within every state, every municipality has a different set of rules and regulations for cyclists.

All states require that a bicycle have a white light producing head lamp on any bicycle that is in use after dark. New Jersey regulations require the light emitted to be visible from 300-feet. Additionally, New Jersey regulations require that a bicycle have a rear lamp that emits a red light.

Besides riding your bicycle within the confines of the law, you want to be visible to vehicles and other types of traffic above all. If you meet the requirements of a highly visible headlight lamp and rear light (if your state requires it); go a step further an ensure you are visible by reflective belt or a cap that will enable the light to reflect off your body no matter which direction a vehicle is coming from.

Riding your bicycle is fun and also fantastic exercise, know the rules and regulations and set a good example for your kids by riding safe! 0 Comments
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