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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
A big concern of any business is safety for their employees. You want to make sure your employees are safe on the job as well as protect the longevity of your company from lawsuits due to injuries incurred by employees on the job.

If your hours of operation before or after sunrise or sunset, you need to make sure that your employees can be seen by motorists, a great way to insure low-light and night visibility for your employees is to require the wearing of work wear that includes reflective material in the form of strips or dots.

A reflective vest is a great way to make sure your employees are visible and also gives your employees a look that shows customers clearly who works in the your facility and who doesn't. Customers will appreciate it when your employees have a standard uniform or look so they can ascertain quickly who to ask for help when they are shopping at your store.

If your employees help customers carry items to their cars or do deliveries, especially if this is done at the time of day when there is low light, a reflective vest will ensure that they are highly visible to everyone and create a safer working environment for all. If you choose to use reflective wear as a company policy, be sure and put it in writing for all your employees and have them sign a paper that states they understand the reflective wear is to be worn at all times on the job - this will help keep your safety rules enforced and also help protect your company from injury lawsuits by showing even if an accident occurred, such as an employee getting bumped by a motorist in the parking lot who simply couldn't see them after dark, and the employee neglected to wear their reflective wear although it was policy; their signature will show they knew the rules you had established for their safety.

This one simple addition to your company can help you avoid costly injury suits and make the workplace even safer for your employees. 0 Comments


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