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Friday, September 15, 2006
Among the many perks of owning is a dog is that you always have a jogging buddy. If you have a dog that loves to run, jogging is something the two of you can do together and it will help keep him fit as well as you. Plus spending time with your canine pal will further strengthen the bond you two have between you. If you haven't tried jogging with your dog, most canines will thoroughly enjoy it. For most dogs, it only takes a few times to learn to jog with their owners.

If you already walk your dog on a leash, you're just about ready to jog with your dog. Take your dog out for a short jog and see how he does. Start off walking then pick up your pace and your dog will probably be trotting by this point. Then, pick up your pace and let your dog run with you. Try to keep the leash a little slack. Neither you nor your dog should be pulling each other. Many people take their dogs out for an evening jog. This has a multi-fold purpose, you get to unwind and your dog gets to work off some excess energy while you both get good exercise and spend time together.

When jogging with your dog, you will also encounter vehicles and you need to make sure you are both visible to oncoming traffic. There are some great night visibility items to ensure your nightly jogs are safe. There are reflective stickers that you can stick or sew on to your jogging attire and best of all, you can make sure your dog is visible to motorists by using a items such as reflective leashes, collars and even lightweight dog vests that fit around your dog's back and have a strip of reflective tape across so motorists will be aware you are not jogging alone.

If you love to jog, include your favorite canine buddy in your exercise regimen, you'll both enjoy getting fit together! 0 Comments


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