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Thursday, December 08, 2011
If anyone needed a wake up call to wear a reflector at night this unfortunate story should do it.

This past Monday in Lakewood Township (NJ) at 5:00 PM a child on a bike was hit by a car. Two hours later a 17 yr old was hit less than a mile away from the first accident. Both victims were very lucky to suffer only minor injuries thank G-D.

Unfortunately most pedestrians that are struck by vehicles are not so lucky. It is worth the extra minute and the few dollars to wear reflective gear. The roads are dark and I am sure all of as can recall a time when we were driving and almost did not see someone walking or riding in the dark street.

If you live in Lakewood or anywhere else and go out at night please do yourself and everyone else a favor and put on a reflector. The mayor of Lakewood has announced that he has reflective belts available for free at his office. (Donated by the Ocean County Traffic and Safety Division.) 0 Comments
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