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Thursday, September 28, 2006
Riding a bicycle is a great way to get exercise. You can ride your bike almost any time of year and you will always get a great workout.

Many people like to ride their bicycles after work and unwind. Studies have shown that exercise will release "feel good" endorphins in your body that reduce stress and give you an overall feeling of happiness. No matter if you're new to bike riding or you're an old pro, you will need to make yourself visible to passing motorists no matter what time of day you ride. Reflective tapes are very handy to have on your pedals, back of your bicycle seat and fenders.

Another item that will come in very handy on your bicycle is an LED bicycle light. They are very useful if you ride in areas that tend to get foggy or you like to ride after dark, you definitely want to make sure that you are clearly seen from a distance so drivers have a chance to see you and avoid you on the road. LED lights last over 100,000 hours and the lights are visible from at least 1500-feet away.

If you like to ride with your children, make sure they are just as visible as you are and put an LED light and/or reflective tapes on their bicycles to ensure they are riding safely.

Riding a bicycle is an enjoyable way to get exercise and spend time with your family, make sure everyone that rides, rides safe with good reflective equipment. 0 Comments
Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Having a baby is one of the most joyous times of your life and if you were careful during your pregnancy, you probably only gained in the vicinity of about thirty pounds of extra weight.

Women who spaced their children widely apart, say having a baby in their twenties and then another when they were in their thirties; frequently comment that the weight was much easier to lose when they had their first child. There are many factors that contribute to this.

Women in their twenties are generally more energetic than their peers that are a little older. Women also tend to be a little more sedentary in their thirties and this can cause their metabolisms to run a little more slowly. If you've ruled out any physical problems that can make exercising out of the question for yourself and you have your doctor's okay to begin working out again-get a jogging stroller and run your way back to your smaller size clothes.

This is a great activity that you can do with your baby and many jogging strollers have excellent shock systems that give the baby a smooth ride no matter how rough the sidewalk can feel. Additionally, many babies find the rhythm of the running very soothing and take a nap while you get fit.

If you decide to run with your baby during the months when it gets darker earlier; make sure that you're visible. Even if you just jog in the neighborhood. People let their guards down and that's when accidents can happen. Use reflective strips on both yourself and your jogging stroller to ensure you can be seen and avoid accidents during your jaunts with your baby. 0 Comments
Thursday, September 21, 2006
The kids are back to school and their safety in getting to and from school will again be at the forefront of most parents' minds.

If your child walks to school or rides a bus, sometimes the time they need to leave in the morning will mean it is still fairly dark. Older children definitely don't want their parents walking with them and most will have a set group of friends they enjoy walking to and from school or the bus stop with. No matter which group your child falls into, a way to make your child more visible to motorists is a great idea.

Reflective tapes are one great way, they can be placed on jackets and backpacks and are held in place temporarily by a sticky backside or they may be sewn in place for permanence. Also, you can opt for a professionally made reflective backpack that has wide reflective strips on the straps and across the back of the backpack and it will allow your child to easily be seen whether he is walking with or against traffic.

A reflective backpack is especially useful if your child is in an area where fog forms on a regular basis and he winds up walking in it, the reflective nature of the tape on the backpack will pick up the light from coming cars and alert the driver to your child's presence before he is even in view.

Use those tips to make your kids more visible and increase their safety whenever they are away from their parents' watchful eyes. 0 Comments
Tuesday, September 19, 2006
People often comment that time seems to be going faster and it does seem that way. The real culprit seems to be our full days. Adults have work and the commute to and from taking up their days, the kids have long days at school, along with after school care and extra-curricular activities and at night most people find they don't have the energy to do much besides eat and plop down in front of the television or video game screen.

Once this becomes a routine, you can lose touch with the very people you live with. Many families are starting to schedule at least one "family night" per week, where the entire family turns off the tube, no video games and they all spend time together. Something many families are rediscovering are the simple joys of riding bikes with the whole family. One Ohio family found that by going riding after dinner in the early evening, their children got to see local wildlife coming out to forage at night such as deer, woodchucks and even the occasional owl.

If you're going to go bike riding with your kids, make safety a priority. Bike riders are sometimes difficult for motorists to see and especially child riders as they are much lower in the field of vision. Make sure your kids are wearing helmets and pads to protect them from a fall on their bike and using reflective tape on both their helmets and bikes will help them be more visible to passing motorists.

Even if you're just riding around streets in your neighborhood, make safety a priority and enjoy a fun family night bike riding with your kids! 0 Comments
Friday, September 15, 2006
Among the many perks of owning is a dog is that you always have a jogging buddy. If you have a dog that loves to run, jogging is something the two of you can do together and it will help keep him fit as well as you. Plus spending time with your canine pal will further strengthen the bond you two have between you. If you haven't tried jogging with your dog, most canines will thoroughly enjoy it. For most dogs, it only takes a few times to learn to jog with their owners.

If you already walk your dog on a leash, you're just about ready to jog with your dog. Take your dog out for a short jog and see how he does. Start off walking then pick up your pace and your dog will probably be trotting by this point. Then, pick up your pace and let your dog run with you. Try to keep the leash a little slack. Neither you nor your dog should be pulling each other. Many people take their dogs out for an evening jog. This has a multi-fold purpose, you get to unwind and your dog gets to work off some excess energy while you both get good exercise and spend time together.

When jogging with your dog, you will also encounter vehicles and you need to make sure you are both visible to oncoming traffic. There are some great night visibility items to ensure your nightly jogs are safe. There are reflective stickers that you can stick or sew on to your jogging attire and best of all, you can make sure your dog is visible to motorists by using a items such as reflective leashes, collars and even lightweight dog vests that fit around your dog's back and have a strip of reflective tape across so motorists will be aware you are not jogging alone.

If you love to jog, include your favorite canine buddy in your exercise regimen, you'll both enjoy getting fit together! 0 Comments
Thursday, September 14, 2006
Night Visibility is a Priority for Night Joggers

With obesity related illnesses on the rise and as a nation we're growing heavier than ever, more and more people are choosing to take the proverbial bull by the horns and get back in shape.

Along with changes in an individual's diet, the most important part of losing weight and keeping fit is exercise. You can opt to buy an expensive home gym that in most cases will be gathering dust while you are still making payments because a lot of people aren't motivated enough to work out in their homes and wind up making deals with themselves like "I'll work out after CSI" or "I'll work out twice as long tomorrow night". Another good show comes on after CSI and tomorrow night another deal to work out even harder is made and eventually all inclination to work out is lost.

Jogging is an ideal answer for nearly everyone who wants to get fit. All you need is a good pair of shoes to support your feet and go! Some people get Ipods or similar makes of mp3 players so they can listen to music, audio books or even self recorded notes from meetings and seminars while they jog.

Many people find the ideal time to jog is after work. Exercise is proven to release endorphins that trigger feelings of calmness and most people find their stress and strife from the day leaves as they jog. As the winter months are fast approaching, it will become dark more quickly and being visible to vehicles is a top priority for joggers. An easy way to be visible is to use a reflective sticker on the back of your shirt or jacket. Some joggers use them on the front of their shirts or jacket fronts as well, it's just a matter of personal preference.

Don't wait until it's time to make a New Year's resolution to get in shape. Start jogging and watch both your stress level and waistline shrink! 0 Comments
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