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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
People often comment that time seems to be going faster and it does seem that way. The real culprit seems to be our full days. Adults have work and the commute to and from taking up their days, the kids have long days at school, along with after school care and extra-curricular activities and at night most people find they don't have the energy to do much besides eat and plop down in front of the television or video game screen.

Once this becomes a routine, you can lose touch with the very people you live with. Many families are starting to schedule at least one "family night" per week, where the entire family turns off the tube, no video games and they all spend time together. Something many families are rediscovering are the simple joys of riding bikes with the whole family. One Ohio family found that by going riding after dinner in the early evening, their children got to see local wildlife coming out to forage at night such as deer, woodchucks and even the occasional owl.

If you're going to go bike riding with your kids, make safety a priority. Bike riders are sometimes difficult for motorists to see and especially child riders as they are much lower in the field of vision. Make sure your kids are wearing helmets and pads to protect them from a fall on their bike and using reflective tape on both their helmets and bikes will help them be more visible to passing motorists.

Even if you're just riding around streets in your neighborhood, make safety a priority and enjoy a fun family night bike riding with your kids! 0 Comments


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