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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Reflective Vests
If running makes you feel good, and you love to feel the wind on your cheeks, the burn in your legs and the freeing feeling of just being one with the road, knowing you are taking care of your body, then having a safe run should be most important. It's a fact that when you can't be seen on the road, you're taking unnecessary risks to your health and even your life. Why take that risk when there are many tools at your disposal that will assist you in running safely, as well as make you cool while doing it.

Besides the common sense tips of running safely, i.e. having tied shoes, limiting distractions, making sure you have personal identification on you, and not running alone at night; there are other just as important tools to ensure a safe run. Running reflective gear, which includes reflective vests, reflective belts and reflective armbands should be in your running arsenal, and are essential to ensure drivers can see you clearly.

Running reflective gear comes in many different forms, and includes a variety of colors, sizes and designs. In fact, reflective gear can be used just about anywhere from your ankles to your head, and if you really want to be seen clearly; reflective gear can be used in multiple places, such as wearing a vest, armbands and ankle bands.

Reflective vests can be worn outside of regular clothing and can look just as fashionable as everyday wear. Reflective vests come in bright colors so drivers can see you, especially at night, such as bright yellow, neon green, hot pink, and pumpkin orange. They don't have to be bulky, too tight or too loose, but they have to be bright for your own safety. Some are a complete vest while others just wrap around your shoulders and fit like suspenders.

Reflective belts are also a good addition to your reflective gear if you don't want to wear a vest, but still need to be clearly seen; they are great for holding ID and come in wide or slimmer styles. The colors of reflective belts include yellow, red, pink, orange, blue and many more. Best of all, they look cool while wearing them and keep you safe.

Reflective armbands are another great tool for a safe run. These armbands can be wide or slim, long or short, and can help you be seen. Reflective armbands can also be used on wrists or ankles. A GPS device can be attached to a reflective armband as well. How about lime green, neon yellow or orange, or a striking gold color to show you off?

Whichever you choose, running reflective gear will add to your safety collection so you can take off with no worries and enjoy the rush of adrenaline when rubber meets the road. 0 Comments


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