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Thursday, May 03, 2012
1 Watt LED Bike Headlight

Riding your bicycle at night on city streets is a dangerous activity that should be discouraged due to the number of accidents each year. These accidents occur for two major reasons, drivers not paying attention and bike riders not being visible.

Not much can be done about inattentive drivers, and sadly this practice will continue. As a bike rider though, there are options available to make the roads safer for everyone. Riding your bike without fear is the main goal of wearing safety equipment, as well as being visible to vehicles on the roadways.

LED bicycle lights are a good accessory to attach to your bicycle as they provide light for your path in front of you. They are small, bright and powerful and will illuminate the road a good many feet in front of your bicycle, allowing you to see different obstacles and obstructions.

LED bike tail lights are good for traffic coming up behind you to know that you are there. There are various types of lights from solid illumination to blinking tail lights. They do give a good advantage to the rider, allowing them to ride in safety.

Another way to be safe while riding your bicycle at night is the use of reflective gear. There are different accouterments that the bicyclist dons before riding their bike and will reflect light from traffic. They usually have various reflective bands that glow in the headlights.

A reflective armband is of course for the arms and as the rider pedals along they will provide a good point of reference for any traffic that is in the area. They can be attached to the upper arms or the lower arms, or both places.

Reflective leg bands, as with other equipment, strap to the legs of the rider and show the motion of pedaling to vehicles traveling in the same area. These can be either thin bands or wide bands, depending on the preference.

Reflective back packs come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have the same use. They provide a large area to be seen by motorists and they are handy for holding anything you might need to carry.

The following equipment will allow the bicyclist to be safe and comfortable while riding their bicycle at night. When searching for the products, keeps in the mind that the better reflective surface they have, the safer you will be. When the LED bicycle lights, LED bike tail lights and reflective gear are used, it will decrease the possibility of not being seen. By utilizing reflective armbands and reflective leg bands, that will give motorists a general size to look out for. The reflective back packs not only provide safety, but it also acts as a handy storage area to keep your hands free from holding something.

Be safe and ride without fear by using bicycle safety equipment. It can save you life by letting vehicles know that they are not the only one on the road. Be smart about riding your bicycle. 0 Comments


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