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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

3M Reflective Backpack
Adult or child, professional or non-professional, there is going to be a situation in everyday life where visibility will play an important part. For an adult it could just be crossing a road on the way home from work or as a child, coming home from school during those bleak seasonal afternoons. Different situations can create different outcomes, depending upon risk and susceptibility. Attempting to surround yourself and your loved ones with reflective items is just one of many ways to be protected from dangerous circumstances.

Folks can buy a mixture of accessories to aid in amplifying perception when biking, hiking, walking, and any other similar form of activity. Along with all the familiar items that reflect light such as armbands, belts, and vests, there are now options to buy multipurpose reflective backpack. 

While backpacks are mostly noted for uses that free up the hands, they are also functional for holding necessities in trunks of trucks and cars, such as safety and emergency items.  If ever needed in the dark of night, the reflective backpack will mirror any type of light, making e it easier to locate.

A kids back pack will often have the front piping and the shoulder straps as the specific parts where reflective tape will be applied. 

Younger children who do not carry heavy loads, but still want a hands free situation, should consider a drawstring backpack created from non-woven, recyclable material.  It is moisture/water proof, lead-free and non-toxic. It is a wonderful way to introduce the little ones to backpacks and Eco-awareness all at once.  The size of the bag is approximately 41 x 36 x 15 cm. Kids with love the assorted colors and specialized screen printing with the child’s drawing or their picture.

Planning on going to the beach and making it an all day affair with a great bonfire to end that perfect day?  Then the family will want to purchase some fantastic PVC reflective backpack coolers. Makes trotting down the beach a breeze, freeing up your hands for the larger need items. These backpack coolers keep the eats and drinks cold and fresh and all the leftover hamburgers and hotdogs warmer, longer.

These backpack coolers are great for school lunches as well or holding special treats during night travels to the grandparent’s house.

Children age four to seven can find a kids back pack adorned with an adorable cartoon image stamped on it. Or, perhaps, they might even want to take the opportunity to create their own special backpack that will glow when lights go dim.  All they have to do is have a parent choose the backpack of their choice, add a few reflectors that show off their own individual and extraordinary personality, and click a button to send it on its way to the front door. 0 Comments


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