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Wednesday, February 16, 2011
With warmer weather this week in NJ my children went to take our long forgotten bikes out of the shed. I just want to remind everyone to remember to wear their helmets and make sure that they are visible. Please also teach your young children when riding on the side walk to watch out for cars pulling out of their driveways. This past fall, my five year old daughter was driving her bicycle on the SIDEWALK right near my home. She was suddenly  hit by a neighbor of ours who was backing  his SUV out of his driveway just a few houses down from ours. He sent her and her bike flying in to  the street. Her bike was bent. Her helmet can be seen below.  It was a miracle that she escaped with only a very small fracture in one foot and some minor bruises and scrapes over her body. When we saw her helmet, we were totally amazed. The green plastic cover had come off the Styrofoam core. The helmet had a gaping hole in the top, possibly caused by a rock on the ground or the vehicle's tail pipe. It also had a long crack all the way through (see photo). Had I not been insistent that she wear her helmet (yes, like most children, she did not want to wear it), the damage to her helmet would have been to her skull instead!  The helmet had saved her from serious head injury and possibly worse.We realized that we had just experienced a true miracle. We showed the helmet to our pediatrician and orthopedist and they both agreed that she was a VERY lucky girl. Of course, now none of our children argue with us  when we enforce our "No helmet- no bike riding" rule. And of course, we adults should wear our helmets too!

Here are the pictures of her helmet.

Click photos to enlarge
As we found the top piece separated on the ground.

See how the crack went all the way through. 0 Comments


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