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Tuesday, September 04, 2012
Reflective Stickers on Backpack
According to, more kids are hit by cars in September than any other month. Recent studies show that teens are now most vulnerable. This is likely due to the 75% rise in teens using personal electronics.

The good news is that accidents are very preventable with some safety measures like making sure to be seen, teaching kids safety rules and setting a good example.
Child Pedestrian Death Rates by Age Group from

Here are some safety reminders for kids (and adults too) and for drivers for the new school year:

-Be visible with retro-reflective materials. Reflective material can be found on shoes, clothing, adhesives, arm / leg bands etc..
-Try not to walk  alone at low visibility times like dawn, dusk, and in fog or rain.
-Teach kids never to run into the street (or a parking lot) to chase a ball or the like
-Children should cross streets and walk through parking lots with an adult (preferably holding their hand) until they are at least 10 yrs old.
-Try to cross by intersections (never between parked cars) and look left, right and left again.
-Take the most direct route with the fewest intersections.
-Cross at least 10 ft in front of a school bus (never behind the bus) and make sure the driver is fully stopped and can see you before crossing.
-Reduce distractions, such as talking or texting while crossing streets (and driving).
-When walking were there is no side walk, face traffic and stay left.(Bike the same direction as traffic.)
-Stop for school buses that are picking up or dropping off children
-Slow down in residential / school areas and look for kids at intersections.
-Be extra careful when puling out of a driveway (or alley) and make sure that there isn't anyone near or behind your car.

Some ways we can set a good example (and keep ourselves safe too) are by walking (not running) across streets at corners, using traffic signals, putting away distraction, staying on sidewalks, watching for cars that are turning or backing up and being visible by wearing reflectors and using LED lights. 0 Comments


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