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Tuesday, August 14, 2012
All Purpose LED lights
Bicycles are a great way to get around. It is healthier, more economical and safer to ride a bike then to drive a car.

 Bikes are better for the environment and for the rider.  Instead of burning oil and polluting the air, why not burn calories. And don't forget, you also save yourself from breaking the bank with today's ever rising gasoline prices.

At high traffic times it may even be faster to ride a bicycle. It is also a lot safer than driving. According to the National Safety Council the life time risk of a car fatality is 1 in 84 and of a bike fatality 1 in 4,919. Of course obeying bike safety laws and being visible with reflective vests and bike lights will keep you even safer.

Bikes are also great for door to door business like delivering magazines or flyers. You don't have to bother parking and getting out of and back in your car. The other day I actually saw someone riding with a lawn mower attached to the back of his bike. Multi functional lights that can be easily put on you, your bike or even your lawn mower can keep you safely seen at all times. 0 Comments


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