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Friday, July 27, 2012
Reflective Saddle Bag
Bicycles are a great way for us to get around, however it gets a little tricky when we need to take our things with us as well. With a car you have plenty of temperature controlled space for your grocery packages and what ever you may need for the day. When going on a biking trip we need to be a little more creative in how to carry our things with us. Thankfully there are many innovative carrying packs, cases, baskets and backpacks to wear or attach to our bicycle. There are also bicycle trailers to tow our kids or heavy loads.

Today I actually saw someone riding with a milk crate bungee corded  to the back of their bike (and I just  found an article on ehow about how to do this). This got me thinking. If we can attach a milk crate to a bicycle, why not make the milk crate, panniers water bottle holders etc. reflective by sticking some reflective tape on them. Applying reflective stickers and tape to bicycle accessories is an easy way to stay seen. For bike trailers you may want to put a flashing taillight on the back for even greater visibility.

If you don't like the idea of getting crafty and sticking stickers on everything, there are bike  panniers, saddle bags, and other bike carriers and accessories that are already designed with reflective material and sometimes even lights.

I also saw a nice easy idea recently. There was someone riding around our town  with a 2" wide lime reflective belt strapped around the back of his bike basket and you wouldn't believe how noticeable he was. How simple is that? 1 Comments


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12:44 PM  

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