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Friday, July 06, 2012

Reflective Belt
According to the National Highway Safety Transportation Agency, 600 to 800 bicyclists die in crashes with motor vehicles every year in the United States. In addition, over 52,000 cyclists suffer non-fatal injuries in accidents while sharing the highways and roads with motorists. However, research into hospital records, as opposed to incidents reported to police, shows that these numbers of fatalities and injuries represent a small fraction of actual incidents. With the price of gasoline rising, increasing numbers of people have taking up biking as part of their normal commuting routine. Thus, safety on the road has become a major concern, for both bikers and motorists, who want to avoid collisions. Utilizing custom reflective belts, custom imprinted products, and reflective belts with designs will enhance biker visibility on the highway.

In many instances, an inattentive, distracted driver causes an accident with a cyclist. This occurs when autos are on the highway, at intersections, or pulling out of driveways and parking spots. Many times the drivers are under the influence of alcohol or distracted by texting while driving. Wearing a product, such as a custom reflective belt or a reflective belt with designs, increases the visibility of the cyclist. Bicyclists need to protect themselves with reflective gear both at night and during the daytime. While the overall ability to see is obviously better during the day, cyclists will want to prevent accidents with distracted drivers at all times.

This advice becomes more important when considering children on bicycles. Their smaller size makes them more difficult to see, so enhancing their visibility becomes crucial. Parents will want to instill in their young children the importance of biking safety from an early age. Parents can involve their children by allowing them to help design custom imprinted products, like custom reflective belts. Giving the children a chance to design their own gear will increase the likelihood they will wear it consistently. In addition, parents can add features such as names, home addresses, and cell phone numbers to the reflective gear. If a child does become involved in an accident, this information will be extremely helpful to emergency personnel and police.

Obviously, with 600 to 800 deaths per year and more than 52,000 non-fatal injuries, cycling carries risks for the rider. Most of those accidents occur during the daytime, and many people assume visibility is fine because of the daylight. Bicycling remains an extremely popular, healthy activity. Thus, preventing accidents involves choosing high visibility gear and clothing, such as reflective belts with designs, to ensure the cyclist stands out on the road to distracted drivers. 0 Comments


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