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Friday, July 13, 2012

Bike Spoke Reflectors
The Wine Country has to be one of the best places in the world to ride your bike. Picture yourself on a silver and black Schwinn Jaguar Cruiser going down one of the back roads. Your bike is a stock model but you have added some extra bike reflectors, bike spoke reflectors and of course your large wicker basket in front to hold your newly tried and bought wines. The sun is starting to set and you don’t have far to pedal so off you go towards home not a care in the world.

What was wrong with that picture? Absolutely nothing except are you really positive the other travelers can see you? Not only other bikers, but automobiles and farm equipment share the back roads with you. You trust yourself enough to know that you will see them but do you trust them enough to give you, your bike and your precious wine enough room on the road? Preparation is the key.

Yes, you put extra bike reflectors and bike spoke reflectors on your Schwinn. But did you know a car headlights can only reflect off your bicycle reflector if they are directly behind you? An automobiles head lights are pointed down and to the right. If you or they are on a curved road the reflection sight goes down to twenty percent if you are lucky. What about the people coming toward you? They cannot see any of your reflectors at all. You need to cover all forms of light challenges that a bicyclist may encounter. Also don’t forget cross traffic and make sure you place bike spoke lights on the front and rear tires. There are many light source items on the market and you can really outfit your bike with them for very reasonable prices at any big store outlet or your favorite bike shop. Plus you can install them yourself; just remember to follow the directions exactly. Then you will achieve the most amount of reflection for you and your bike.

Most bicycle accidents occur head on, so a front light is essential. In fact, ¾ of accidents are head on. Rear lights or a large bicycle reflector are also available and are very important to have. Keep in mind where a cars head lights are pointed and keep yourself as visible to everyone as you can. Some of the actual lights can be powered by you as you pedal. You can also use a bicycle reflector attached to your bike helmet. This will draw the attention of any driver, even if his headlights have missed your reflectors and your brake light. On your pedals themselves, they are usually equipped with reflectors but you can also add bike spoke lights to the bottom of the pedal giving illumination to the road underneath your feet. This is not only another advantage for other drivers to see you, but it also allows you to see where you are stepping when getting off the bike. 0 Comments


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