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Monday, July 30, 2012

Reflective Belt
Reflective Elastic Belt
What many people don't realize is that reflectors made by different manufacturers can look exactly thesame yet one can reflect well and one can barely reflect. When it comes to safety it is worth the extra dollar to look for a brand name like 3M Scotchlite that is trusted to be top grade in reflectivity and quality.

When buying visibility gear for your safety such as reflective vests, belts or jackets an important thing to look for on the label is that it is ANSI compliant. ANSI is the the accepted grading system in the US for the safety of visibility products. ANSI has different levels depending on the traffic and lighting conditions that the gear is needed for.

Lime reflective wear is by far the most worn in the US because it is the most visible color followed by orange. You may have noticed that the much of the safety apparel worn by construction workers doing road work are lime vests or jackets with silver reflective stripes. (Also, when workers wear lime there is a clear differentiation between them and the orange cones or barricades.)

Check out this video from 3m and you will see the difference between a good reflection of silver tape and a weak reflection. 0 Comments


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