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Monday, August 20, 2012

Reflective Shoulder Bag Straps

Wow! how the summer fly's by. With school around the corner our challenges in keeping children safe switch gear. While in the summer we had to worry about things like pool, camp, and beach safety now we are onto school, bus, routes to and from school safety and the like. For one thing, each day it is slowly starting to get dark earlier and we've got to make sure our kids are seen if they are now coming back home from friends or after school activities at dusk or in the dark.

It can be hard to try and get children to put on reflective gear like vests and belts. When doing your school or fall shopping try to buy them backpacks already designed with reflective material and look for shoes and jackets that come with silver reflective piping or stripes on them. Bright Ideas innovative reflective shoulder straps are great to clip on to a messenger bag, zipper binder or laptop case. (The reflective strap can also be worn separately as a sash.) Or try some easy on and off  night visibility gear like reflective collars, or clip on blinking lights.

Kids may be more likely to go for  it if it is cool or stylish. You may even want to get different color reflective tape and let them go ahead and decorate their backpacks. Print out some hot shapes for them to trace and make a fun activity out of it. Let us know your ideas or email us a picture ( that we can post on our blog. 0 Comments


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