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Monday, January 07, 2013
Keeping safe while walking in winter when its dark Keeping Safe While Winter Night Walking or Biking
When it gets dark, walking and running safely pose a challenge. However, this doesn't mean people should give up all nightly activity. Thanks to numerous safety tips out there, it is still possible to go out at night for a jog or stroll.
How to Have Safe Walks At Night
Winter has shorter days. Busy work schedules make it impossible for people to run, bicycle or walk when it's midday. They're forced to move their workout routines in the wee morning hours before heading to the office, or after work, which is sometime in the evening. In summer, it's still bright during such hours, but come wintertime, the days shorten and people have to move their riding or exercise activities to when it's dark and danger lurks everywhere.
If you are looking for sound advice on how to see and be seen when night falls, consider the info below. They apply to pedestrians and bicyclists alike.
Seeing Runners - Bicyclists, walkers and runners need to see as well as be seen while cloaked in darkness. Having a clear vision of things will help avoid falling into potholes, tripping over obstacles and other related road hazards. If you are visible, there's little possibility of getting hit by drivers.
Being Seen - Bring along flashlights. Go for modern LED or a bright small mag light / mini size light. They're compact while still delivering ample light. People who can't be bothered with carrying along things can simply strap on headlamp flashlights.
Don reflective clothes – Stick with lighter shades as darker colors reflect less light. Even better: use advanced ultra-reflective garb. These maximize evening visibility.
Several high-technology reflectivity options include:
1. Reflective tape – It reflects light toward the source. Apply generously on exercise outfit. Drivers won't miss such noticeably bright hues.
2. Reflective exercise clothes – Most exercise apparel firms have lines made from extremely reflective fabrics. They're often marketed as exercise wear that double as bicycling, walking or other workout apparel. The clothes are easy to see at night and keep its wearer warm during winter.
3. Reflective safety vests – Highway workers wear similar pieces. People can wear them on top of exercise garb so drivers see clear human outlines. They can be worn over different exercise clothing without need for alterations.
4. LED safety lights – Add this to any of the above options to up visibility.
Other suggestions:
1. If taking walks with kids after meals, warn them to be careful with traffic.
2. If the community struggles with crime, observe the same vigilance for after-dark exercise as other night-time activities. Stay away from dangerous neighborhoods and have companions when running (canine or human).
3. Walk or run at tracks or parks nearby to minimize contact with traffic.
Taking self-defense classes is another suggestion. Aside from being a good source of exercise, it will give those concerned about crime risks more security. Keep in mind, regular runs or walks mean you're probably in great shape to chase and outrun criminals. You don't have to abandon all plans of running, biking and walking just because it's winter. Just take the necessary precautions and you can continue enjoying your daily exercise regimens. 0 Comments


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