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Monday, December 31, 2012
 Steady and flashing light on bicyclesWhether to use a steady light on your bicycle or a flashing one is a common question for bicycle users.

A steady light can be seen by drivers and pedestrian, but is it really as noticeable as a flashing light? Some people may find the flashing light a little annoying, but will the single light blend you into a sea of lights.

The answer is: as annoying as it might be, the flashing light will attract the most attention on a busy city street. European countries are trying to install flashing brake light on the back of cars when the vehicle needs to stop quickly while driving 30 mph or more. This will attract attention to the cars behind it letting them know there is a short stop coming and danger may occur. Research shows that the flashing brake lights allow the driver in back to react and begin pressing his brake pedal 0.2 seconds faster -- that's about one car length at 55 mph -- and perhaps soon enough to prevent a rear-end collision. This proves that the flashing light will attract people’s attention a lot quicker than the steady light.

However, if you are riding down a quiet street then the flashing light might not be necessary since there are not a lot of distractions.

All in all, if you ride on busy streets the flashing light is your best bet. 0 Comments


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