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Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Personal Alarm with Flashing Lights
When out at night reflective apparel and lights are a great way to keep you safe from being hurt accidentally. You may also fear being hurt on purpose. Being alone in the dark is a danger, especially for women, children, and seniors. Portable personal alarms are convenient and important to carry at all time.

Personal alarm systems are wireless and light weight and can easily be held in a small hand. Many protection alarms are also hands free and can be clipped to your clothing or have a key chain for you to attach them to your key ring or purse. 
Many feel the most frightened when walking to their car in a dark empty parking lot or street.  My mother once advised me to hold my keys between my fingers as a ready weapon. That did make me feel a bit safer as a teenager (and thankfully I never had the need to use my keys to defend myself). I now also have my Personal alarm keychain on my key ring for added self defense. Besides for when out at night it is smart to be prepared with a panic alarm when at work, school, or when jogging, hiking, cycling, traveling and at all other times. 0 Comments


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