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Wednesday, December 26, 2012
Reflective BeltIt is difficult to see one another during the long, cold winter months, especially in unlit parking lots and dark streets. Fortunately, we have the reflective belt to increase our visibility to vehicle traffic in these poorly lit areas. People who work in the street during the dark hours should always be wearing one of these belts. Even while off duty reflective wear should always be worn to increase the visibility when walking near traffic.
Driver visibility is increased significantly when a pedestrian is wearing a reflective belt. More than once, you have probably been driving through a parking lot early in the morning and almost run over a pedestrian not wearing their reflective belt. Likewise, under the same conditions, you were able to see an individual wearing their reflective belt at a safe distance. Fortunately, the former incident did not end in a minor mishap or worse.
No one wants to be injured or responsible for injuring another person, especially in an accident that is preventable. We are all responsible for taking the necessary safety precautions to prevent mishaps. This includes wearing required personal protection equipment.
Take note of what is written in the 3rd Wing policy (3 WGI 91-202 paragraph 11) on reflective belt wear:
"Personnel exposed to vehicle or aircraft traffic during hours of darkness or periods of reduced visibility will be provided and use reflective accessories or will use organizational clothing sewn-on reflective tape (red or orange reflective colors provide better contrast in a snow or white environment). NOTE: This applies to DoD civilian employees only while in a paid duty status. Personnel wearing the Air Force PT uniform either participating in, or traveling to or from fitness activities, are exempt from wearing the reflective belt. The issued top and bottom reflective garments must be exposed and not covered by cold weather gear, back packs, and so forth."
Lastly, you should always give a friendly reminder to those who are not wearing the required reflective wear. By doing this you can prevent terrible mishap and accidents. 0 Comments


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