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Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Crimes against women even in countries are all around the world, women's are vulnerable and especially at night.
´╗┐Here are a few tips to help a women be safe if you need to be out at night.
1) Never go out at night alone, if you go with 2 or more people it deters criminals from starting up.
2) While traveling in the evenings, stay on the main roads, were there are people and cars, don't go off to quiet deserted roads.
3) Avoid wearing jewelry on the outside when you are out at night. Even costume jewelry might attract chain the wrong people.
4) While walking on sidewalks, keep your handbags hidden from the public eye.
5) If you have to ask for directions, try to ask a group of people, or spot by a local gas station and ask them inside. 0 Comments


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