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Thursday, November 09, 2006
Walking is great exercise and especially for anyone that is pregnant, just had a baby or is just getting back into the working out lifestyle, if your doc has given you the green light to exercise, enjoy a great walk.

It can be fun to bring along your kids, your dog or your favorite someone and have a good walk. You can listen to music if you go solo or enjoy a fun chat about anything if you pair up with others.

Walking in the cooler months has its own set of requirements, the days are much shorter and the chances of being caught out walking at dusk or dark are much greater. With this fact in mind, be sure that you are very visible to motorists. A great way to make sure you're seen by drivers is to wear a reflective strip on your clothing. Another way is to put small reflective stripes on your shoes or the backs of your pants legs. The movement of your feet and legs and you walk will be instantly attention getting to motorists and if you're visible to the people driving the cars - you're a lot safer.

You can also wear a cap that reflects car lights or a fanny pack that carries items you might need when out such as your wallet with your i.d. or some change to pick up a bottle of water to ensure that you stay hydrated while you're out on your walk. 0 Comments


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