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Thursday, November 02, 2006
If you're considering getting a young person on your holiday list the gift of a bicycle, also give them the gift of safety along with their present.

Make sure they have the proper safety equipment and understand the full importance of using it. A helmet is a must for any child riding a bicycle. Closed head injuries from an impact on a bicycle may seriously injure or even end a child's life. It is very important that children understand the importance of wearing a helmet when biking.

Pads are great for when children are learning to ride and will definitely save them from a scraped knee or elbow as the inevitable falls that are a part of learning to ride, even with training wheels, happen.

Another issue you need to talk to your child about is the importance of being visible to cars. Many children on bicycles are no higher than the hood on a standard SUV and can't easily be seen by a driver, especially at dusk. If you're child has the potential to be riding their bike home from a friend's house or activity such as soccer practice, they need to understand it is very important that motorists see them. A good head and tail light combo installed on the bicycle will help immensely towards making your children much more visible. You can also put reflectors on the pedals and other areas on the bike to ensure great visibility by drivers.

Use those tips to make sure the gift you give this holiday season is a safe one! 0 Comments


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