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Monday, April 22, 2013

Flashing Safety Lights

Nighttime Walking
Now that the warm nights are upon us, folks are looking forward to - Getting Out There and Walking - Getting Back into Shape. But be careful! There are protective measures that need to addressed, like proper nighttime clothing, appropriate reflective gear, and heeding road safety guidelines.

Nighttime walking requires extra protective measures that some pedestrians don’t realize. For example, when crossing the street at night, don’t assume that you can be seen by oncoming motorists. The fact is, that sometimes they are unable see you. Why? Because motorists coming your way may be distracted, thus preventing them from being able to see you.

Due to the overwhelming amount of accidents caused by distracted driving, The National Safety Council is promoting April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month.
They estimate that 1.1 million accidents per year involve talking of the cell phone, and 213,000 involve texting.

FACT! Drivers on cell phones are distracted, and sometimes are not aware of pedestrians. Drivers looking in their rear view mirror might not notice you. Drivers adjusting their GPS device may not be paying attention to the road. And sometimes drivers are blinded by oncoming high beams, and this will for sure hinder their ability to see you.  

So walkers, make sure you’re seen. Take protective measures. Wear reflective safety belts. Wear reflective clothing. Carry flashlights.
And furthermore, follow the rules of the road. Stay Alert to motorists. Be aware of reckless drivers. If possible, make eye contact with motorists before crossing the street, because they may be looking, But Not Really Looking.

Also, when crossing the street, watch out for potholes or other hazards that may cause injury.
And Walkers:   Know that Your Safety is not only the responsibility of the motorists, but it’s Your Responsibility as well. So enjoy your nighttime walks, good luck getting into shape, and be safe.

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